What Is The Best LED Color Temperature For Cabinet Lighting?

There are two led color temperatures that are optimal for cabinet lighting. The choice of one versus the other depends on the preeminence one wishes to give the cabinet as a unique piece of furniture. In most interior designs, the cabinet and its contents are harmonized with other furnishings and objects in the room. There are instances, however, such as kitchen cabinet lighting, where the cabinet contents are meant to stand out more than other items.

Both needs can be met with Phantom LED festoon lamps for cabinet lighting. Let’s look at standard interior design approach first.

If we want to blend cabinet contents with other objects in the room, then the light inside the display cabinet should normally have the same color tone as the lighting in the rest of the room. It is therefore necessary to use an LED color temperature that matches that of general room lighting. This has the effect of harmonizing the contents of the cabinet with room furnishings. Since they are all in the same light, no pun intended, there is a seamless presentation between items on display within the cabinet and other objects in the room that are illuminated by layers of general lighting.

Compare Phantom festoon lamps at 2700K LED color temperature for this purpose. They are the warmest color temperature we offer. It so closely approximates the qualities of xenon and incandescent lamps that you can scarcely tell the difference in showcase lighting. In most interior lighting designs, the ambient glow coming from within the cabinet will approximate that appearance of general room light. Dimmer controls allow you to adjust the light inside the cabinet to match the brightness of the light outside the cabinet. This results in a truly seamless interior décor.

However, there are times when a display cabinet with linear strip lighting is intended to do exactly that—display something of prominence. We see this particularly in kitchen cabinet lighting, where fine china is a prized possession put on display to be admired by all. For these circumstances, we need an LED color temperature that is slightly cooler than that of the rest of the room.

The term cooler, by the way, has nothing to do with heat, but rather with how white the light looks. The 3500K festoon produces a slightly whiter light than the 2700K and will cause the colors of objects that it lights to appear much more vivid than surrounding objects illuminated by warmer, general room lights.

Both the 2700K and the 3500K led color temperature festoons offer a number other energy saving benefits as well. Operating at less than 1 watt per festoon, they are ultra energy efficient. They are also built with heat dissipating technology that makes them a genuinely cool burning source of light. Even better, they emit up to 5 times as much light as competing festoon lamps, making them one of the few LED sources that rivals incandescent and xenon lamps in light output.

Phantom LED Festoons can be fitted to adjustable shelf lighting strips as well as retrofitted to existing cabinet light strips.

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