What Types Of Cabinet Light Trims Are Available?

When working with a cabinet light, concealing trims are typically the easiest and most effective way to provide cover for the fixtures. Concealment is essential to preserving the look of a system and ensuring the system is metered correctly. However, fixtures that are bought off the shelves typically are paired with limited options in this regard, as the concealing piece has to look like the furniture it is attached to, or it will look out of place. This is just one reason why it is always better to go with a custom solution instead.

What kind of cabinet light trims should a homeowner consider for their system?

Custom illumination displays are compatible with a greater variety of concealing pieces, and these pieces can offer some much needed utility as well. Phantom’s LED strips, for example, are designed to be placed in close proximity to shelving or above countertops. In both settings, the strips would be clearly visible, so Phantom offers several custom-fabricated pieces for the fixtures. Because the piece is crafted just for a single installation, it will fit perfectly into the space and won’t interfere with the furniture’s look. Phantom can place a veneer over the piece to ensure it matches the furniture’s aesthetic closely, so there will be little evidence that a strip fixture is present, at least until it is switched on.

Phantom’s cabinet light trims do more than just hide the fixtures, though. They are also capable of shaping the illumination into certain angles, ensuring the illumination only goes where the installer wants it to go. This is especially important when the shelving is used to display items of high value, because the superior illumination metering will keep the focus on the display.

Every one of Phantom’s strip fixtures is compatible with one of several angle options. The Horizontal Mount Ultra series, for example, can be configured with one of six pieces. They can produce aiming angles from 80 degrees to 150 degrees, and each piece can offset the fixture to an extent, allowing for even finer control over the system. In furniture with central stiles, there is even an option that conceals the strip from both sides.

It’s not always clear when cabinet light trims are necessary for a project, as there may already be some concealment available. If there is any doubt, Phantom’s experts can review the installation area and verify that a piece is needed or not needed. And if one is required, Phantom will fabricate it, and the strip fixture it conceals, to an exact set of dimensions.

With proper concealment, a set of fixtures will be able to produce beautiful illumination without being exposed. This will preserve the sophisticated, graceful look that homeowners search for.

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