What Types Of LED Lighting Systems Are Available?

Advancement in technology has led to the invention of sophisticated LED lighting systems. Phantom offers an array of high-quality tailored products for commercial and residential clients. The LED lighting systems can be designed for art installations, cabinet installations, cove installations, and they also provide replacement parts.

Artwork can add an inviting touch to a living room in a home or a calming atmosphere in a business setting. Enhance the featured art display by incorporating a source of illumination that accentuates the artwork. There are a couple options to choose from, depending on the desired finish. The contour projector is perfect for an illuminated from above appearance. The projectors are invented to make the installation simple enough it can be put in by a professional, or can be a DIY project for someone familiar with lighting. The projectors vary depending on the style that is to be achieved and the type of ceilings that are being worked with.

  • The float finish (FFL) is a great choice for a concealed finish. The projector is installed into the ceiling and is matched to the texture or pattern of the ceiling to conceal it.
  • The new construction (NCL) projectors are used for designs that are between walls that are 10’’ deep and access from above is limited. The resulting look is a smooth transition between the ceiling and projector head.
  • For some ceilings access from below is not an available option. Top access (TAL) projectors are designed specifically for this scenario. Another reason to use a top access projector is to keep the penetration of the ceiling to a minimum.
  • The surface mount (SML) projector is by far the most economical choice. It is a sleek, yet effective projector that is installed with a track or surface mount.
  • Remodel (RML) projectors are an excellent option for they are versatile and can be installed in various ways. These projectors can be installed by a professional and are intended for installing during remodeling.

Add a distinguished look to kitchen cabinets and book shelves with luxury and affordability of an LED lighting system. With the proper design and application of a linear strip, cabinets and shelves can be illuminated without any exposed cables or hardware. The favorite choice bulbs produce an inviting amber glow that resonates with the entire room for a captivating look. Choose from classic, elite, or ultra, and from task, exposed, or concealed.

  • The Classic is a great choice for an energy saving design. Five and 10 watt bulbs are used in Classic designs.
  • The Elite has a low heat output while still producing 180 lumens per foot. Elite is perfect for any lighting meant to be on for long periods of time.
  • The Ultra is the brightest option at 200 lumens per foot. This option is a great choice for designs where the illumination is the feature of the room.

Make a dramatic statement with cove LED lighting systems. Installing a Cove illumination feature and transform any type of ceiling. Whether it is for a functional purpose or to show off the architecture, there are many possible designs to choose from. Strips of illumination hardware can add a low profile element that saves energy. Have the freedom to adjust the level of illumination with the use of a dimmer switch to create the perfect mood for every occasion.

In addition to LED lighting systems Phantom offers design consultations, free design assistance for DIYs, and technical information for professionals. Specifications for every installation is available, and specialized agents are ready and willing to assist.

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