What’s Available For Commercial Indirect Lighting Products?

Phantom has a number of commercial grade indirect lighting products for businesses that want to add color or visual interest to their building. Phantom uses the most modern illumination technology, including a range of highly efficient LED fixtures. All of Phantom’s fixtures are easy to install and conceal, and made with performance in mind. These qualities are essential for business projects, as poorly installed fixtures will reflect badly on the company.

What are some of Phantom’s most popular commercial grade indirect lighting products?

Phantom’s fixtures are an excellent choice for a number of applications. Some of Phantom’s most popular fixtures include:

Cove illumination fixtures

Commercial Indirect Lighting Products

Phantom offers a range of cove illumination fixtures, including the cutting edge Elite and Ultra series. Both the Elite and Ultra series use LED technology, and Phantom’s LED lamps are among the most efficient and powerful on the market.

Cove illumination is ideal for companies that want to improve the look of their business and project a more professional appearance. Common installation areas are in lobbies, boardrooms, or reception areas, and offer additional illumination that can be finely controlled. When placed around interesting architectural features, in alcoves or behind a company logo, they produce soft, accent radiance that draws the eye and reduces the need for glaring, direct fixtures.

Cabinet illumination fixtures

Cabinet illumination is ideal for businesses that use display cabinetry to feature products. This includes jewelry, clothing, sports memorabilia retailers, and any other retailer with a display storefront. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra cabinet fixtures use LED strips to snugly fit around shelving. Phantom’s cabinet fixtures are easy to conceal, and custom pieces of trim are available for cabinets that don’t offer enough cover.

LED technology is made for display applications, as it can be controlled by precise dimmers and won’t lose its color temperature, even when it is dimmed or brightened. That is crucial for products like jewelry, as even a slight alteration in color temperature can make an item appear dull or oddly colored. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strips are available in several color outputs, including warm, incandescent-like tones to natural white or slightly cool. Phantom will also customize every project prior to placement so each strip will be built to fit specific measurements and display profiles.

LED festoon lamps

Companies that have older commercial grade indirect lighting products often waste too much money on inefficient systems. On average, lighting represents about 25 percent of every company’s utility costs, so any gains in efficiency can make a huge impact on the company’s finances. Phantom’s LED festoon lamps are for retrofit applications and can be used to replace obsolete incandescent or xenon systems. These lamps are compatible with most existing illumination setups, so all an installer has to do is pop out the old lamp and place Phantom’s LED lamp in its place. Phantom lamps work on any existing 12VAC or 24VAC lighting system and are designed as a direct replacement solution.

Using retrofit LED lamps offers a number of advantages over incandescent and xenon fixtures such as reduced maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and lower heat loads. Not only are they much more efficient, they last much longer (LED lamps typically last at least 5 times as long as xenon or incandescent) and produce very little radiant heat. Less heat means more comfort, energy savings and  safety.

When there is an expectation of premium illumination, Phantom’s fixtures are up to the task.

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