Whats Available For Custom Cabinet Lights

Homeowners have largely caught onto the power of display illumination, but many still underestimate the power of custom cabinet lights. Grabbing a handful of off the shelf fixtures is tempting, as is just settling for some basic system a designer can provide. Every home and every display is different, though, and without fixtures that are fitted to the display, a homeowner is taking a gamble. If the fixtures don’t fit right or don’t offer quality illumination, the homeowner will be stuck wasting money on a system they don’t truly enjoy.

What are homeowner’s options when it comes to custom cabinet lights?

Every lighting designer or consultant has their own arsenal of fixtures and available options, so a homeowner may have to shop around until they find an expert that meets all their needs. In general, though, bringing in a lighting consultant will ensure a tight fit and better color coordination. These are areas that Phantom excels in, as its LED fixtures are highly sophisticated and flexible.

Almost all of Phantom’s installations are tailored to the setting, and nowhere is this more true than with custom cabinet lights. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are normally the choice here, as they can work with a variety of displays and furniture. They can be paired with books, artwork, glass, photos, models, sports memorabilia, and just about anything else a homeowner would want to show off. And because these displays come in an incredible spectrum of shapes and sizes, there isn’t just one fixture solution that will work in every instance.

That’s why Phantom first takes a look at the display furniture and its dimensions. Prior to placing the fixtures, an installer will measure out where the fixtures will be set up and relay these measurements to Phantom. The Elite and Ultra can both be cut at regular intervals, so they can be shaped to any nearly any length. Fitted fixtures are a major upgrade to a display, as they will not produce awkwardly shaped illumination. Fixtures that are run too long or too short will either be exposed, which never looks good, or will leave behind odd hotspots or shadowy areas. People are capable of picking up every little flaw in a spread of illumination, so at the minimum, the fixtures need to fit properly.

That’s only the first step, though it is essential. Phantom’s custom cabinet lights can also be set to emit one of several color temperatures, allowing for perfect color coordination between the fixtures and the display. For example, natural white LEDs are ideal for artwork, photos or glass, as they offer superior color rendering. Warmer LEDs are better for books, and cooler LEDs pair best with metals. When setting up fixtures, Phantom will take the display into account and help a homeowner secure that ideal fit. In short, it’s an option that all homeowners should consider before committing to a system and overhauling their display.

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