When Are Indirect Cove Lights A Popular Choice Of Illumination?

How Are Indirect Cove Lights Used With LED Strip Lighting?Indirect cove lights have been a popular choice in decorative illumination for many years. Prized by architects and interior designers alike, these fixtures are perfect for adding ambiance to any space. They are highly versatile, and with their low profile design they can fit nearly anywhere. Phantom’s fixtures are even more versatile, as they can be customized to fit any set of measurements. This level of convenience is hard to find in the industry and can turn a complex installation into a simple job.

What kind of strip fixtures does Phantom offer?

LED strip fixtures are considered by most experts to be the best choice available on the market. This illumination technology has been improved greatly in just a couple decades and is now the most efficient and reliable available. Phantom offers a few varieties of LED indirect cove lights, each of them built for easy concealment and a high lumen output. Phantom’s Classic line can be built with ultra-efficient LED lamps, each of them only needing 0.6 watts of power to function.

The Elite and Ultra are both designed specifically with LED lamps in mind and produce an impressive amount of illumination. The Elite emits 67 lumens of radiance per linear foot, while the Ultra emits 240 lumens. This makes them some of the brightest LED fixtures on the market and perfect for a room of any size. They are a popular choice for museums, event halls, or other expansive spaces where elegance and brightness are both needed.

Phantom also works with installers to build indirect cove lights to fit. Once Phantom has a set of measurements in hand, the fixtures can be cut to fit perfectly. Along with their low profile design, this level of precision will ensure the fixtures remain out of sight. This is an important consideration, because visible lamps and wiring will look unprofessional.

How are Phantom’s LED strip fixtures used?

Indirect cove lights are usually installed behind molding, above cabinetry, or around horizontal reveals. From these spots, the fixtures will remain hidden but also provide a glow of illumination along the top of the wall and against the ceiling. If there is no easy way to conceal the fixture, Phantom also offers a number of trims that can both hide the fixture and provide an optimal aiming angle for the fixtures.

While these lamps can provide enough radiance to see, they are primarily used as a decorative element. Phantom builds metal glare shields into each of its strip fixtures, softening the illumination and preventing any harsh lines from showing up. As a result, the fixtures will create a soft glow that gently brings out interesting architectural features or decorative pieces placed on top of furniture. These fixtures can also make the room look bigger by creating an illusion of depth in the space.

How can Phantom’s LED strip fixtures be customized?

Phantom’s strip fixtures are available in a range of color temperatures, from warm hues similar to incandescent to cooler tones that are similar to fluorescent. With several color options available, a home or business owner can find a fixture that matches their style. Also, Phantom’s LED strips can be hooked up to dimmer switches that allow for precise brightness control.

All of these options may seem overwhelming, but Phantom’s experts can help a home or business owner find the perfect indirect cove lights for any setting.

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