When Should Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Be Considered?

Ceilings are often the forgotten part of the room when placing sources of illumination, but concealed cove light fixtures can draw out the intricate features along the top of the room. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips are designed with a low profile that makes them perfect for placement near the ceiling. The installation can be made even easier with the help of Phantom’s experts. Phantom has worked with installers on hundreds of jobs, so they are equipped to help homeowners and professionals find the right look for any room.

How are Phantom’s LED strips normally installed?

When Should Concealed Cove Light Fixtures Be Used For Lighting?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips, with their compact design, can be placed around most coves, valences, or on top of cabinets. In general, they can be worked around most architectural features to create the aesthetic a homeowner is looking for. Prior to placement, an installer can request a custom set of measurements from Phantom for the LED strips. Phantom will cut each strip to these measurements, which will ensure a perfect fit during installation.

If there aren’t any hidden areas to hide the strips behind, Phantom can provide an extrusion trim for the job. The trims profiles provide the ideal coverage for the concealed cove light fixtures and also give the LED lamps the perfect spread angle, so there are no distracting silhouettes or overly bright spots. This also allows for a continuous spread of illumination creating a glow of light.

Once an installer is satisfied with the placement of the strips, all of the components needed to power them can be set up. Fortunately, these components are also easy to hide and can be set inside walls, behind furniture, or behind architectural features.

What are Phantom’s LED strips used for?

In rooms with interesting architectural features along the ceiling, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips can give them the attention they deserve. Phantom’s LED strips also work well with unique ceiling builds, like domed or groin vault ceilings. While in operation, Phantom’s strips produce a soft glow of illumination that cascades out onto the ceiling. This wash of illumination highlights the delicate angles and curves of the room and can make the space feel larger.

Phantom’s concealed cove light fixtures can also produce an interesting effect if installed on top of cabinetry. Anything that is on top of the cabinet, like precious pieces of art or pottery, will be dramatically illuminated. This is perfect for a homeowner with a collection that is worth putting on display.

What are the specifications of Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips?

The Elite LED strips produce 67 lumens per linear foot, while the Ultra emits 240 lumens worth of illumination per linear foot. This makes the Elite and Ultra some of the most powerful LED strips on the market. Both can be customized in a number of color temperatures, from the warm inviting tones evocative of incandescent lamps, to cooler hues. With this range of color temperatures, a homeowner can complement their room’s color scheme perfectly.

Many homeowners are always looking for an easy way to improve the look of their house. Phantom’s LED strips are an excellent choice for these homeowners, offering beauty and sophistication with only minimal work.