When Should Linear Cove Lighting Be Used?

When Should Linear Cove Lighting Be Used?Phantom’s linear cove lighting is ideal for adding a touch of color or warmth to any interior space. Normally, these xenon or LED strip fixtures are installed in areas where there are impressive architectural features like dramatic valances or ceilings. Without the proper illumination, these areas may go unnoticed, which would neglect an elegant design. Phantom’s strip fixtures are concealed in the cove, staying out of sight. Their illumination is designed to gently cascade from the sides of the room and along the ceiling, creating a unique pattern of radiance that is artistic enough to garner interest, and subtle enough to avoid being too harsh.

Home and business owners often opt for Phantom’s linear cove lighting because they don’t want to install direct illumination in these spaces. Fixtures that provide direct radiance are meant to add visibility to the area, not provide an aesthetic boost. Direct illumination placed close to the ceiling will hide any standout features of the room because people won’t be able to see through the harsh radiance. Because Phantom’s fixtures are concealed from view, the only thing a person sees is the soft illumination they produce. Keeping the fixtures out of sight is easier with an ultra-low profile and custom built trim specifically made for Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips. Phantom’s trims are designed to blend in with the home’s aesthetics and can help aim the illumination precisely. This means that a home or business owner can get the exact spread of illumination they need.

However, to help ensure the proper spread of radiance, linear cove lighting needs to be placed just right. If there is too much space between strips or at the ends of the installation, there will be noticeable gaps in the spread of illumination. To prevent this from occurring, Phantom custom builds all of its fixtures to exact measurements. Phantom works with installers, architects, designers and electricians, so every installation is treated like a unique job. When placing the fixtures, the installer won’t have to worry about whether or not they will fit. Phantom is proud to have a custom product that eliminates stress during the installation.

Phantom offers a few varieties of strip fixtures in a range of brightness and color temperature settings. The Elite is an LED strip that is available in several color hues, including slightly warm (2700K), close to white (3000K) and slightly blue (4000K). The Elite produces 67 lumens of illumination per linear foot, making it one of the brightest strip fixtures on the market. The Ultra ratchets up the brightness even more at an impressive 240 lumens per linear foot. It is available in the same range of color temperatures as the Elite and is perfect for formal or business settings. All of Phantom’s LED strips are extremely efficient and provide 50,000 hours of top performance on average.

Phantom’s LED strip fixtures are the perfect fit for any home or business that needs an extra source of color, warmth, or class. Once installed, they bring instant sophistication to any room.

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