When Do You Need A Festoon Lamp Replacement?

Find A Festoon Lamp ReplacementThe illumination industry is constantly making improvements to existing technology, and with a comprehensive LED festoon lamp replacement, home or business owners can take advantage of the best technology the field has to offer. In recent years, diode fixtures have completely outclassed incandescent, xenon, and other forms of lighting, as they offer an unparalleled combination of efficiency, power and versatility. Phantom’s diode lighting emphasizes these strengths and uses only the best diode fixtures in the industry. Because of this, Phantom’s diode lighting can be used to create highly sophisticated illumination appropriate for nearly any setting.

When is festoon lamp replacement needed?

Incandescent and xenon lighting systems are still the most popular illumination setups among home and business owners, but these technologies are now obsolete in many ways. Incandescent and xenon lights only last for around 20,000 hours before they need replacing, and both are prone to output variance. In other words, this means an incandescent or xenon system is much more likely to produce flaws in illumination output or spread. When that occurs, distracting scallops, or dark spots will appear and takeaway from the overall look.

Phantom’s LED lights are much more reliable because Phantom only acquires its LED fixtures from manufacturers that thoroughly test and bin their LEDs properly. LED manufacturing is still a fairly new thing, so the processes used to make the lights typically produces subtle variations in output and color. This means that two LED fixtures can appear slightly different, even when produced at the same facility and using the same equipment. Many lighting companies purchase their diode fixtures without accounting for these subtle differences, so customers have to deal with a set of lights that don’t build a cohesive look. During binning, a manufacturer eliminates this problem by testing each LED bulb for power and color output, and separates the fixtures based on these parameters. At Phantom, we only buy LED lights from manufacturers that bin to set specifications, so we know exactly what to expect from each fixture.

This is especially important when retrofitting a set of LED lights over an existing incandescent or xenon system. One of the main reasons home and business owners switch out older systems is because they are no longer able to produce the desired look. A Phantom LED festoon lamp replacement system is much more reliable and will be able to maintain the desired lighting output and spread for many years.

Phantom’s LED fixtures are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing incandescent or xenon systems. They can run on the same power sources and fit the same fixture sockets. They don’t require DC inverters and use minimal amperage as well, so no updates to the building’s infrastructure are necessary. Phantom’s LED lights also use smaller transformers and dimmers, so the system will maintain a lower profile after the retrofit is complete. This is perfect for areas where space is hard to come by.

Whether installing new or updating an obsolete lighting setup, Phantom’s LED fixtures are the optimal solution for the job.