Where Can Cabinet Lighting Be Added To Brighten An Area

Almost every home has a nook, cranny, display case, or shelving unit that could be enhanced with cabinet lighting. Furnishings such as shelves, curio cabinets, bookcases, or display cases offer a fine resting area for a family’s prized possessions, while also offering the look of elegance and style. These can include knick knacks, awards, pictures, medals, or anything that serves as some sort of value to a family member. No person wants these possessions hidden away in the dark corner of their shelving unit, instead they want their heirlooms brightened for all to see. Cabinet lighting can brighten up any sort of dark space with an LED bulb that offers even lighting and pristine clarity.

Installing Cabinet Lighting For Display CasesMost installations can be done in a number of areas with shelves, cabinets, curios, or bookcases being the most common. With this sort of application being used for shelving units or kitchen cabinets, the fixtures installed are completely hidden from the view of any onlooker. The strips that are installed can be hidden from view from all angles possible, while still creating a source that is adequate and illuminating.

These applications can come in a variety of different forms for any type of furnishing. Adjustable shelves are one of the more popular areas that a homeowner might wish to illuminate. Shelves are a great way to display books or popular items; however they are also typically hidden from view because the shelving unit above will cast a shadow. With the proper fixtures such as buss bars and concealed transformers, all bulbs can be hidden from view but still give off a massive amount of illumination. This allows the homeowner to enjoy the look of their prized possessions without having bulky fixtures take away from the view.

Where To Add Cabinet Lighting For KitchensWhen kitchens come into play, cabinet lighting can be used to brighten up any type of storage area while also shedding extra visibility onto the small details that the room often possesses. Today’s kitchens are no longer just rooms used for cooking. They are used as a gathering space and also as a portrayal of art and design. Backsplash, tiling, and small details are located throughout this space to make a room feel practical but also artistic. Without the proper illumination, these details that can create such a dramatic effect are typically missed. Cabinet lighting is used to bring out these small details without taking away any of the effects that the appliances, countertops, or walls give off. This illumination system actually works with fixtures that shield the eyes from the reflective glare a bulb may produce. This leaves countertops glare free.

Whether a shelf, a bookcase, a curio, or any other artistic display case needs brightening, this form of lighting can do the trick. Anyone that wants their valuables to be displayed in a way that hides cords, outlets, and wiring, but allows a steady stream of brightness to illuminate their display case should contact Phantom to discuss the best option.

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