Where Can Indirect Ceiling Illumination Be Installed

Indirect ceiling illumination can be used in a variety of residential or commercial settings, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. “Subtlety” is the idea here, as these lights are designed to function while remaining concealed. This allows them to blend into the background, emitting a warm wave of light that complements the room without punishing the senses. There are many fixtures available for this purpose, but Phantom’s LED linear lighting strips are one of the most trusted on the market.

What are some applications for cove lighting?

Where Can Indirect Ceiling Illumination & Cove Lighting Be Used

Cove lighting is normally installed near the top of the room, either behind cove molding, on top of cabinetry, or on top of valences. This position provides the optimal spot for producing indirect ceiling illumination that cascades throughout the space. When switched on, the fixtures will produce light that radiates from their concealed spot, climbing up walls and wrapping around the top of the room. In homes, this lighting can draw attention to architectural features or interesting pieces sitting on top of a cabinet. Most homeowners choose LED strips that create warmer light. This will evoke a cozy, intimate feel that can help a homeowner relax after a long day of work.

In business settings, these lights can emit just enough radiance for professionals to work or hold meetings by. In this sense, the LED strips are just as functional as they are aesthetic. However, businesses that want to produce a professional look can also benefit from installing these fixtures. They are a popular option in restaurants or any other businesses with an expansive lobby. The soft glow of these lights will invite people in and make them feel at ease while inside, both of which will help a business attract more clientele.

What LED strip fixtures does Phantom offer?

Phantom offers three varieties of its LED strip fixtures, each of which provide efficient, steady lighting. The Classic series is highly efficient, requiring only 0.6 watts per lamp. Lower energy demands are especially helpful for indirect ceiling illumination because these lights are usually kept on for long periods of time. The Elite and Ultra series are designed with power in mind and are among the brightest LED strip lights available on the market.

All three can be cut to any set of measurements, something that’s extremely useful when placing the lights. Phantom works with installers to ensure each light is made to fit. This will ensure that the lights create a precise spread of radiance.

Phantom’s LED lights can also be customized in other ways, including their color. For decades, the only lights that could produce cozy, warm tones were incandescent bulbs. Now, LED lights can also create these warm tones, and they can do it with much less energy. Phantom’s LED strips can also be calibrated for pure white or cool tones, both of which are more appropriate for business settings.

No matter the setting, Phantom’s cove lighting can enhance the space, adding interesting, artistic light that makes the area feel charming and sophisticated.

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