Where Can The Best Adjustable Cabinet Lighting Be Found?

There are a few brands of adjustable cabinet lighting available on the market, but Phantom’s fixtures are superior for several reasons. They are aesthetically pleasing, extremely efficient and highly versatile. For this reason, they are the preferred option for electricians, contractors, architects and homeowners in the U.S. and around the world. The major difference between Phantom’s designs and competing brands is in its versatility. Most companies produce designs that are hard to rearrange or customize once installed. Phantom, instead, ensures that each of its fixtures can be perfectly placed and easily rearranged.

Adjustable cabinet lighting is hard to find because most companies prefer to set their fixtures up using open wiring
. Phantom, instead, uses a set of buss bars that power the light. Buss bars are conductive strips of metal that can direct an electrical current where it is needed. They are fed power from a concealable transformer that can be placed anywhere within 20 feet of the furniture. The buss bars run along the outside of the furniture on either side and are connected to brass contact pads secured by brass screws. The contact pads are attached to the lamps themselves and power the fixtures.

This allows the adjustable cabinet lighting to be placed at any level in the furniture. Because there is no open wiring to worry about, a person with no technical knowledge can place the supports at any level. Normally, an electrician has to handle any rearranging, which is expensive for most homeowners. Easy customization makes Phantom’s fixtures among the most popular on the market with businesses and homeowners.

Professional installers also appreciate the adjustable cabinet lighting Phantom designs because they are easy to alter on site
. An installer’s worst nightmare is showing up to the job site and finding out the fixtures aren’t sized correctly. This is never a problem with Phantom’s fixtures for two reasons. For one, Phantom works directly with the installer to get the measurements for each fixture that will be installed. Also, if the fixtures, for whatever reason, don’t fit perfectly the installer can easily cut them to fit at the jobsite. This is a general design principle among all of Phantom’s fixtures. Phantom’s strip and rope fixture can be cut to fit sharp angles or irregular curves.

Premium technology is also used in every Phantom fixture. Its LED lamps are among the most efficient available, creating twice as much radiance as competing models with less power. The efficiency, together with its clever user-friendly designs, make Phantom a leader in aesthetic illumination.

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