Where Can The Best Art Light Options Be Found

Art collectors are always looking for that perfect art light to bring out the best in their pieces. There are many options out there, but not all of them offer the high quality performance a high end piece of artwork deserves. Where To Find Art Light Options For Lighting Fine ArtworkThe fixture may be mounted directly to the frame, placed on a track above the subject, or recessed into the ceiling using either low voltage fixtures or a contour projector. Among these choices, Phantom’s contour projector provides the ideal mix of performance, design and durability that makes them a favorite among many.

Fixtures mounted to the frame are usually incandescent bulbs and this is a problem. Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat, which can cause the subject to degrade or yellow over time. Even LED or halogen bulbs mounted on the frame are a last resort, though, because they distract from the work and can create a lot of glare. Track fixtures are less distracting than frame-mounted bulbs and can be adjusted a bit more, but they are still visible. A low voltage recessed art light is well hidden, but its beam spread is not easily controlled and tends to spill out from the subject.

Phantom’s contour projector eliminates all of these problems while providing superior performance compared to other options. The contour projector is mounted inside the ceiling, so no part of it is visible. It is contained in an aluminum housing that protects the projector from moisture, sediment or other hazards. The MR16, halogen or fiber optic bulbs found in these projectors are long lasting and offer superior color rendering. This is especially important in residences where the client expects the natural colors of the subject to come through. Neutral color temperatures don’t alter the color hues in the subject, so the piece is presented as is.

This art light option is completely concealed, and because they can be configured at different angles, they can be placed anywhere along the ceiling and are designed with a minimal profile. The projector is designed to be concealed in the ceiling creating a “lighted within” look. A cover plate and small aperture are the only visible components on the projector and housing, eliminating ceiling clutter.

These projectors literally contour to their subject. The Phantom contour projector is offered with two different masking methods to crop the spread of illumination to just the specific work of art. Because there is no spill illumination at all, there are no shadows and the onlooker’s sense of depth may be tricked. Instead of being spotlighted, the subject looks like it is glowing or illuminated from within. The effect is mesmerizing and striking to people at first glance. In fact, onlookers may reflexively look around for the source of illumination, but they will have a tough time finding it. Using a Phantom projector to create focal pieces will light up any home and leave guests wondering where the light is coming from.

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