Why Are Fine Art Framing Projectors The Best Lighting Choice?

What are fine art framing projectors used for?

Paintings, photographs and sculptures all need special lighting or they will go unseen. Each piece requires finely metered illumination to bring out their subtle colors and shapes, and Phantom’s technology is perfect for this. Installed inside or along the top of the ceiling, these fixtures are designed to spotlight individual or groups of subjects while remaining concealed.

What fine art framing projectors does Phantom offer?

How Are Fine Art Framing Projectors Used For Lighting Artwork?

Phantom offers five versions of this technology, each subtly tweaked for different installation settings. The surface mount (SML) series is fixed directly to the ceiling and is the most economical option. It is not concealed, but provides the same quality of lighting to any subject. The float finish (FFL) series is designed with maximum concealment in mind and is perfect for settings where a visible cover plate would be a problem. Once painted over, the FFL series is nearly invisible. The new construction (NCL) series is used when installation of the technology between floors and top access is not available. The NCL is equipped with mounting bars for joist spacing and is finished with a glare shield and matte white finish to help it blend in with the ceiling.

The remodel housing (RML) series is also available for installation between floors and is the best choice when minimal construction is needed. The RML is perfect for homes on display and also offers excellent concealment. The top access (TAL) series is the best option when bottom access is not available or when minimal ceiling penetration is desired.

How is Phantom’s fine art framing projectors customizable for each installation?

Paintings, photographs and sculptures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Phantom offers a couple ways to customize the fixture to fit the item. For most paintings and photographs, adjustable shutters are the best choice, as they are more economical and are simple to use. Adjustable shutters are compatible with most rectangular and square shaped subjects and are best when used with a single subject.

Another option is a metal slide that has been precut to exact dimensions. This option is better for showing off uniquely shaped subjects like sculptures or when illuminating multiple pieces. Metal slides are custom cut during installation to fit the subject exactly.

Why is this technology the best choice for showing off priceless works?

Most forms of illumination wash out the subject with excessive spill light, which is distracting and can cause annoying shadows. This technology avoids spill light by shaping the illumination to fit the subject exactly. As a result, the subject explodes off the wall with contrast and appears to be lit from within. This effect will draw interest and breathe new life into a piece, producing its colors in all their natural brilliance.