Why Are Hidden Cove Lighting Sources Important?

What Are Hidden Cove Lighting Sources Used For?When designing the illumination for a space, hidden cove lighting sources are an important component in any build. The best illumination setups highlight all the graceful features in the room, and this technology is created specifically to do this. These fixtures are also designed to remain out of sight to maximize their effect, so no ugly wiring or bulbs are visible. That keeps an installation uncluttered and clean looking, both important considerations when placing several layers of illumination in a space. Also, Phantom’s fixtures are made with efficient LED technology that is safe and economical in any setting.

What are Phantom’s hidden cove lighting sources used for?

These fixtures are usually installed on top of cabinets, valences or anywhere an extra drop of illumination could enhance the look and feel of a room. Though they are primarily used for aesthetic reasons, they can provide enough radiance for people to see easily. At night, it’s best to avoid bright illumination because it can disrupt a person’s sleeping patterns. This technology is soft enough to allow a person to relax without waking them up.

These fixtures are also an important layer in a multi-layer illumination setup. They are usually installed near the top of the room and are meant to radiate along the ceiling and down the top of the room’s walls. That fills the room out with illumination and prevents any distracting dark spots from taking root. Also, they help bring out any interesting architectural features in a space that would usually be ignored.

What makes Phantom’s hidden cove lighting sources superior to other designs?

A primary design focus for Phantom’s fixtures is ease of concealment. It is important to keep the fixtures out of sight, or the effect is ruined. Phantom’s technology is built with an ultra-low profile that is easily hidden behind, around or on top of furniture or architectural features. They can be placed behind shelves, on top of cabinets or behind pieces of trim and provide maximum illumination coverage in the room. If there isn’t any concealment spots available, Phantom can provide aiming trims that hide the fixtures and offer the optimal angle for illumination spread.

Phantom’s fixtures are built with metal glare shields and precisely metered to produce the radiance possible, which is important because there can be no clearly defined edges to the illumination. That indicates uneven radiance and will create a distracting level of contrast. With metal glare shields and optimal spread angles, this problem is avoided. Instead, the fixtures emit a soft spread of illumination that feathers out from their concealment spots.

Efficiency and power are also designed into all of Phantom’s fixtures. The Elite and Ultra fixture lines are some of the most powerful on the market. The Elite emits 67 lumens of illumination per linear foot, while the Ultra creates 240 lumens of radiance per linear foot. That is enough for any room size or design. Phantom’s LED technology is also extremely efficient, even when compared to competing LED products. They produce close to zero radiant heat as well, preventing temperature spikes and reducing any fire hazards.

There are no weak spots in Phantom’s technology, offering premium, customizable illumination that’s easy to install and fit any budget.

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