Why Choose An Art Light Fixture That Is Customized?

An art light fixture can be more than a simple ceiling mounted installation. Creative artisans can integrate beautiful radiance into a workable installation that also provides improved visibility. Finding An Art Light Fixture Online For SaleWhile these can be effective, Phantom’s products are specifically designed to display a creative piece. Contour projectors can provide precise illumination while still being flexible. They can provide premium illumination for years with only minor maintenance.

Display installations are designed to draw attention to the illumination, while Phantom’s projectors direct eyes to the subject
. The point of an art light fixture is to breathe life into the piece, bring out its colors and enhance its natural beauty. This can only be done with a customized and well-designed product. Phantom’s installations are built for a specific project in mind and can be integrated into any setting. Other art light installations can stand out and distract from the actual artwork on display. Phantom’s projector housings are designed to blend in and accommodate multiple installation methods.

Phantom’s housing installations can be arranged in many ways to fit subjects of all shapes and sizes. Contour projectors are designed with different mounting methods that can also be formatted to any piece on display. The adjustable shutters or template uses masking to only let a certain amount of illumination from the lamp through. They come with a halogen, fiber optic MR16 lamp and are protected by aluminum housing. Most of the projector is actually installed inside the ceiling, not suspended from it.  A small aperture that covers up the nose of the projector is the only exposed component of the projector.  The rest of the equipment is concealed out of view.

Anything but a customized art light fixture will fail to bring out the most in the subject. This is obvious once one of Phantom’s projectors is installed. Most installations will create spill illumination, which will flatten out the colors in the piece and create distracting shadows. Phantom’s projectors avoid spill and only spotlight the subject. Confining the illumination to the subject creates a powerful illusion that the piece is producing its own glow, like the source of illumination is behind the subject. This helps the subject “pop” off the wall by providing additional contrast.

Museums and galleries need to bring patrons in and keep them coming back to maintain the venue
. The best way to do this is to “wow” people with beautifully done illumination provided by Phantom.

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