Why Is It A Good Idea To Replace Xenon With LED Festoon Lamps

Homeowners are often reluctant to make big changes to their lighting systems, but it isn’t difficult to replace aging xenon fixtures with LED festoon lamps. There are many reasons why a homeowner may not want to make the change, but these concerns are usually exaggerated or just not applicable to Phantom’s diode fixtures. Perhaps a homeowner is averse to the cost of a new system. Maybe they are afraid a new installation will require too much work to the home and damage walls or ceilings. Perhaps the homeowner wants to keep the look the xenon fixtures offer. In many cases, though, a homeowner may just not realize that diodes are far superior to other forms of lighting.

Why should a homeowner replace their xenon system with LED festoon lamps?

Eventually, outdated lighting systems overstay their welcome. They may become unreliable, suck up too much power, or lose their power or color. It happens with all lighting at some point, but for older systems, it happens more frequently. Lights that use metal filaments or gas tend to be more fragile and more susceptible to faults. Even a slight jostle can be enough to knock out these lights, and their fragile design means they burn out much sooner than diodes. While gas and metal filament lights may be cheaper at the outset, the constant cycle of replacing bulbs will eat up much of those savings.

Diode fixtures are engineered to provide much more reliability and a longer lifespan. Where an incandescent bulb may only last for 10,000 hours, Phantom’s diode fixtures can provide 50,000 hours of performance, on average, and often more than that. Homeowners that replace their xenon system with LED festoon lamps don’t have to fuss with their lighting nearly as much, and can let the system run for long stretches without burning any of the fixtures out.

But best of all, Phantom’s diode fixtures are designed to retrofit over older systems, like those that use incandescent or gas fixtures. There is no need to run new wiring and tear up walls. There is no need to replace the inverter, either. With its retrofit capabilities, Phantom’s diode fixtures can be set up in a fraction of the time, and provide all of the benefits that diodes are known for.

Diode lighting has made big strides in recent years, and in most cases, diodes can provide comparable or superior lighting quality, when compared to other systems. When a homeowner decides to replace their xenon fixtures with LED festoon lamps from Phantom, they can customize their system to fit perfectly. Diodes are available in several color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool, and dimmer controls allow for precise control of lighting output.

As time goes on, more and more homeowners will transition to diode fixtures. They are just too efficient, too precise and too beautiful to go with anything else.