Why A Professional Should Install China Cabinet Lighting

Phantom Lighting is a company in Houston, Texas that specializes in many different illumination options, including china cabinet lighting. This form of lighting is unique because cabinets like these are typically constructed of wood and can cause the shelves to appear very dark. This type of furniture is almost considered a work of art based on how much focus is required to ensure the proper light is on the items being displayed.

China Cabinet Lighting

While it may seem like a simple concept, installing fixtures in antique pieces can be tricky, but Phantom Lighting offers multiple mounting methods and trim profiles to adapt to particular furniture pieces. These include horizontal, vertical, exposed, and concealed illuminating strips. These installations offer the appearance of sourceless illumination, meaning the fixtures are hidden and add a continuous glow throughout the piece. Each lighting option offers different styles based on the piece one has and the desired purpose. For example, a glow may be more appropriate for a decorative look, while an intense beam may be better suited for function. Along with mounting methods, Phantom offers a variety of bulb options such as LED and festoon lamps. These bulbs guarantee a warmer hue that won’t damage any items or drown out any colors.

Each Phantom installation is specially made to enhance the depth and beauty of the cabinet while also protecting and preserving its original condition. In retrofit applications, wires are carefully run and hidden between the fixtures and the power supply to leave the piece with a clean and natural look. The final result is a well-lit cabinet that allows the focus to remain on the contents, rather than the fixtures. Another advantage of using Phantom is that each fixture and strip they make is custom made, meaning no cabinet is impossible for them.

When considering china cabinet lighting it is important to seek out professionals that understand the importance of the piece and the contents. Phantom’s professionals are the gold standard and are trained in many different practices of illumination, including china cabinet lighting. This versatility gives them the experience to install any lighting needs a customer may have.