Why Use Phantom’s Display Cabinet Lighting

Use Display Cabinet Lighting From PhantomWith the right display cabinet lighting, a homeowner can turn any collection into an eye catching centerpiece. Homeowners often spend thousands of dollars building their collections and buying furniture to showcase the items. All too often, though, these same homeowners neglect to place high quality fixtures around and inside the furniture. As a result, anything presented in the furniture will appear dull and fade into the background once the sun sets. Phantom’s premium fixtures are perfect for avoiding this problem, as they emit powerful and reliable illumination appropriate for any subject.

What kinds of display cabinet lighting does Phantom offer?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series are ideal for these applications, as both use the latest in high efficiency LED technology. The Elite series produces 130 lumens of illumination per linear foot, while the Ultra emits 200 lumens per linear foot. Also, both use just a few watts per foot, so they offer a superior energy input to output ratio.

Both the Elite and Ultra are available in several color temperatures, including the warm tones incandescent fixtures are famous for, and slightly cool fluorescent hues. Phantom’s LED products come in a wide range of colors including 2300K, 2700K, 3000K and 3500K for display lighting applications. LED technology is also ideal for dimmer applications, as LED technology can be finely controlled. Finally, Phantom offers several varieties of its fixtures, including fixtures that can fit into adjustable shelving.

Why is Phantom’s LED display cabinet lighting the best choice for this application?

Once installed, these fixtures are normally kept on around the clock, especially in retail applications, so they have to be reliable and efficient. Unfortunately, the most popular choices for illumination (incandescent and fluorescent lamps) are neither. Phantom’s LED fixtures, however, are designed to last a long time and prevent energy waste.

LED fixtures produce close to zero radiant heat, so they waste very little energy producing unsafe temperature spikes. Phantom’s LED lamps also last for around 50,000 hours each, more than twice as long as incandescent and xenon lamps. Every LED Phantom uses has also been thoroughly tested for its output power and color, so homeowners will never have to put up with inconsistent fixtures.

The Elite and Ultra series are also simple to install, as they are built with ultra-low profile glare shields and can be cut every 4 to 6 inches, depending on the model. Every strip fixture is also premeasured and assembled before being sent out to the installation site. Altogether, this means that Phantom’s fixtures will always fit where they are intended and will be kept out of sight. With a zero sight line appearance, the Elite and Ultra series won’t cause significant glare and will allow observers to completely focus on the beautifully illuminated subjects.

Phantom’s LED fixtures can handle nearly any collection possible. This includes photos, paintings, books, memorabilia, models, diagrams, pottery, or anything else worth showing off. When paired with fixtures placed above the furniture and above any countertops, Phantom’s products can create a cohesive, sophisticated look that other companies can’t match.