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Why do so many people believe that display cabinet lighting fixtures do the best job? There are a variety of reasons, the primary being the enhanced visual effect. They can transform a cabinet and the items displayed there – the cabinet becomes a focal point for the room that it is in and makes the space itself more attractive. The lighting can showcase valuable art pieces, family heirlooms, or simply highlight the personal taste of the owner. Precious items will take on a glow and naturally draw the eyes, as proper lighting has an almost enchanting quality about it. For questions or help with choosing the best lights, contact an established lighting firm such as Phantom Lighting. Our lighting designers will assist in the design and recommend just what is needed to do the best job.

What are the benefits of display cabinet lighting fixtures?

  1. A unique method of lighting – Inside cabinet lighting brings out the best in valuable items and more, in China cabinets, curio cases or hutches. Especially LED light strips. These lights are an efficient way to showcase an individual piece or illuminate an entire collection. The right lights can bring a display to life. There are numerous lighting options available for any project.
  2. The bulbs last longer – Display cabinet lighting fixtures not only look attractive when lit, but they are also extremely efficient. LED lights do not produce as much warmth or waste as much energy as the incandescent types. They rarely burn out, are cost effective to power, and much more durable than traditional glass lamps.
  3. Lower Temperatures – As mentioned above, display cabinet lighting fixtures stay cool to the touch. As a result, they do not damage the items on display like exposure to intense heat so often does. Lower temperatures mean that they are ideal for lighting display cabinets and for saving energy. Being as green as possible is good for the environment as well as the wallet.
  4. Applications – Cabinet lighting can be used to enhance the look of art pieces, paintings, photographs, old books, sculptures, memorabilia, and more. Sophisticated lighting will enrich the look of any collection of items you’ve chosen to put on display.
  5. Customization – Depending on the home or business owner’s needs, there is virtually a solution for every requirement. Small recessed lighting is a good option that will give a display case or China cabinet a clean, bright look. Strip lighting is a solution that is relatively straightforward to set up, and control of all lighting can be accomplished with one switch. Phantom’s strip lighting systems can be considered the building blocks to create any lighting project our clients can imagine.

Display LED cabinet lighting fixtures are so popular that they can be found anywhere from small apartments to Metropolitan museums, all in a wide array of custom installations. Transform a cabinet with a unique lighting system that will set apart the look and feel of a typical display case. It is a simple and inexpensive way to add life and drama to the ambiance of a room and allow people to get the most out of whatever is on display.

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