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The history of Phantom Lighting System is intertwined with the story of owner Tom Kretzschmar, a pioneer in the lighting design industry. As founder of Illuminations Lighting Design (1980), Kretzschmar sold and installed industry-leading products and refined his lighting expertise. He was motivated to improve lighting technology and sell his own products so he set about simplifying processes and creating patented products that illuminated artwork, collectibles and architecture while minimizing the appearance of lighting system hardware.

In 2019, Kretzschmar sold Illuminations Lighting Design and untethered Phantom Lighting Systems as a stand-alone entity. Phantom’s revolutionary approach to decorative art lighting, cabinet lighting, and cove lighting propelled the company into a leadership role as a lighting designer and manufacturer. Kretzschmar’s contour projectors and cabinet and strip lights feature lighting technology that is unique, proprietary, and specialized in the lighting industry.

Based in Houston, Kretzschmar, through Phantom Lighting Systems, is devoted to transforming your surroundings into visual masterpieces through cutting-edge lighting solutions married with stunning design.

The Phantom Edge

Like ghosts of legend, Phantom lighting technology is ethereal, projecting light that embraces the contours of your objets d’ art + architecture and illuminates the beauty within.

The Phantom Promise

Lighting solutions with dedicated service before and after the sale.

Phantom manufactures six distinctive lines of LED lighting projectors for new construction or remodeling projects that feature our proprietary “lighting from within” technology. We also manufacture six series of low voltage lighting strips that conceal hardware so the focus is on your art, collectibles or architecture. Each strip is customized to the exact dimensions of the cabinet, furniture piece or room you are lighting.

Phantom manufacturer representatives and lighting agents are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America to provide technical and design expertise. Contact Us today.

Phantom Lighting has forever intrigued me. I started sourcing it over 30 years ago when I first met Tom Kretzschmar. I can’t recall all of the ways we have installed it, but many cabinets, shelves and displays have been beautifully illuminated over the years. Aside from the unique light quality, I have always turned to Phantom because of Tom’s impeccable service. There is no one more knowledgeable or more willing to go the extra mile. I look forward to many more installations.

John Kidd, Interior Designer

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