Adjustable cabinet lights are the answer to the frustrating issues that come with rigid, inflexible illumination systems. Phantom is one of the few producers of flexible display fixtures, and can pair the versatile system with its powerful, efficient LED fixtures.

This makes for a display illumination system that is not only beautiful enough to attract attention, but adaptable and convenient for nearly any type of display a homeowner might have.


Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lights are so flexible because they are not installed using exposed wiring. It’s this wiring that normally makes it impossible to shift the fixtures around, and it comes standard in the vast majority of display fixtures. Phantom’s LED systems instead use buss bars and brass components to channel the current from the concealed driver, without the need for exposed wiring.

The real flexibility in the system, though, comes from the buss bars because they are fabricated with several anchoring spots and run up the length of the furniture. When a homeowner wants to place the shelving in a new position, they only have to remove the anchor screw, find a new spot for the shelf, and replace the screw. It is an extremely easy way to manage sophisticated display illumination, and its flexibility makes it ideal for showing off striking, uniquely shaped items.