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Adjustable lights designed for display cabinets can take a mundane-looking collection and turn it into something that is both beautiful and dynamic. This is partly due to the excellent flexibility that Phantom’s LED fixtures offer, as they are among the only fixtures on the market that can be rearranged after installation.

Normally, display fixtures are rooted in place with exposed wiring, and this is something that a homeowner cannot mess with as it is unsafe. Phantom Elite LED adjustable lighting technology  allows anyone, with no tools whatsoever, to move the lighted shelf into new positions and get as many looks as the homeowner can come up with.


Phantom’s adjustable lights are designed for cabinets of all shapes and sizes, and they can be concealed or exposed. They produce illumination that is identical in power and quality to standard fixtures, though Phantom offers some customization options, such as color temperature and dimmer controls that allow a homeowner to detail their look further. However, what sets these fixtures apart is how they deliver power to the fixtures. Instead of using exposed wiring, a concealed driver manages current into a set of heavy steel buss bars that conduct the electricity into brass shelf supports and contact pads. These pads deliver power to the fixtures themselves. The contact pads and shelf supports are fixed to the buss bars using pins. By removing the pins and fastening them into a different part of the buss bar, the shelves and their fixtures can be set into any position. When it comes time to switch up the shelving position, any homeowner with Phantom’s flexible fixtures will be grateful they don’t have to pay an electrician to move the display.

Once installed, these cabinet lighting products will place your collection of precious belongings front and center. As a collection grows, Phantom’s fixtures will adapt to them. For more information on our custom LED lighting products please contact us toll free at 1-800-863-1184 or online using our request quote form.

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