Display cabinets and bookcases can be made much more interesting with a drop of color using adjustable shelf lighting. People with collections to share or works to show off will want to highlight them for others to see. These items are often the focus in the room, but tucked away in a dark alcove will keep them well out of sight. With Phantom’s low profile fixtures, these pieces can be given the attention they deserve.

Phantom produces two adjustable shelf lighting designs, both easy to install and rearrange as the situation permits. The problem with most display cabinet illumination is that they require extensive wiring to deliver power to the fixture. This means that every time the fixtures need to be moved, an electrician will have to rewire the device. This is costly, time consuming, and may cause damage to the furniture. Phantom’s designs are integrated into the fixture using buss bars instead. Buss bars are strips of conductive metal that can channel electricity via a switchboard. The buss bars power the LED, xenon or incandescent festoon lamps directly. The bars are delivered power via brass support clips, and contact pads connected to a transformer placed out of sight.

Phantom’s two designs include an exposed model and a concealed model. Both function the same way and can be rearranged as needed. The only major difference between the two is where the shelf supports are placed. In the exposed design, they are placed outside of the cabinet. The concealed design places them inside the cabinet. Generally, homeowners select either one for their aesthetic qualities, because they are extremely similar otherwise.

Once installed, these fixtures will place a collection of precious belongings front and center. As a collection grows, Phantom’s fixtures will adapt to them.