Adjustable Shelf Lighting

Phantom Adjustable Shelf Lighting will add style, flexibility and functionality to any bookcase or display!

Display cabinets and bookcases can be made much more interesting with a drop of color using adjustable shelf lighting. People with collections to share or works to show off will want to highlight them for others to see. These items are often the focus in the room, but tucked away in a dark alcove will keep them well out of sight.

With Phantom’s low profile adjustable shelf lighting these pieces can be given the attention they deserve.

cabinet lighting 1

Phantom produces three adjustable shelf lighting designs (Ultra AC Series, Elite AC Series and Classic AC Series) and all are easy to install and rearrange as the situation permits. The problem with most display cabinet illumination is that they require extensive wiring to deliver power to the fixture. This means that every time the fixtures need to be moved, an electrician will have to rewire the device. This is costly, time consuming, and may cause damage to the furniture.

Phantom’s designs are integrated into the cabinets using concealed buss bars. Buss bars are strips of conductive metal that are drilled and threaded every 32mm on center to align with support holes in the cabinet sidewalls. This channel transfers electricity through Phantom shelf supports to brass contact pads on each shelf allowing for total flexibility. The hidden buss bars power the LED tape, xenon or incandescent festoon lamps directly from the power supply.

Phantom’s three designs include an exposed model and a concealed model. The exposed models are for existing older cabinet designs with metal tracks know as KV strips.  The concealed models are for new construction projects only. Both function the same way and can be rearranged as needed. The only major difference between the two is where the shelf supports are placed. In the exposed design, they are placed outside of the cabinet. The concealed design places them inside the cabinet. Generally, homeowners select either one for their aesthetic qualities, because they are extremely similar otherwise.

For more detailed technical specifications and drawings, please see our adjustable shelf lighting cut sheets:

Phantom Classic Adjustable Shelf Lighting
Adjustable Concealed | Adjustable Exposed

Phantom Elite Adjustable Shelf Lighting
Adjustable Concealed | Adjustable Exposed

Phantom Ultra Adjustable Shelf Lighting
Adjustable Concealed | Adjustable Exposed

No matter what the foundation of a project looks like, Phantom’s cabinet lighting systems are the building blocks needed to craft adjustable shelf lighting in any home or office. To get started enhancing your display cabinets, contact us toll-free at 800-863-1184 for complimentary design assistance or request a quote using our online form.

Phantom Lighting Systems is a ASID Industry Partner