Building Cove Lighting

Cove lighting in buildings is a great way to accent variances in ceiling elevation or variances in the adjoining space between the upper portion of the wall and the ceiling. Cove lights can be used as either the primary lighting source in the room, or a luxurious and ambient source of accent lighting. Because this form of luminance has become so popular in custom homes, many builders install rope lights or fluorescent fixtures. Both of these cove lights are very energy efficient, with rope lights also offering the building contractor a lower purchase cost. However, there are some drawbacks to both light sources. Cove rope lights operate in a series, so if one bulb fails, the entire rope light will need to be replaced. This will pose hassle to the new homeowner, who will have to find a lighting designer or electrical contractor to replace the string. Fluorescents have a much longer lamp life in comparison, and they can offer quality lighting at a fixed level. Fluorescents cannot be dimmed, however, making them incompatible with lighting controls and dimmers.

In buildings and homes where users want a controlled and flexible source of cove lighting that will save power and provide a long-term, low maintenance source of general or ambient lighting, linear strips are a much better choice for builders, architects, and electrical contractors to install. One of the primary advantages that low voltage cove lighting systems offer over other lights sources is a concealed presence. Strip lights such as the Phantom CM series are extremely thin and can fit into any soffit, cove, or valance in an office or home. These fixtures are designed to keep a low profile in cove lighting applications and feature a remarkable adaptability to any commercial or residential environment. They can be fitted to any radius desired because they are custom cut to the exact specifications of the contractor. This ensures the most seamless fit possible to produce the special sourceless lighting Phantom has become known for.

With energy costs rising, it is also important to point out the power saving benefits that Phantom CM cove lighting offers to any building or residence that is conscious of electrical costs. Low voltage linear lighting strips are a significant solution to high price points that people have to pay for the luxurious qualities of xenon lighting. An added benefit that low voltage strips offer is the extended lamp life they create. Provided that natural lighting levels are relatively low in the room, the lights can be powered up to full and provide a primary light source over a foyer or a hallway without fear of running up the light bill. When other lighting is in use, they can be turned down to provide ambient, supplemental lighting.

This type of controllable, low voltage xenon cove lighting is often found in buildings and homes that feature faux painted ceilings or detailed block paneled ceilings. For warm ceiling colors, we recommend using incandescent lamps, and for cooler colors or very dark colors of wood, xenon lamps. Both sources will provide an excellent source of controlled lighting that the end user can adjust at will.

If you are working in California, or another locale that discourages the installation of incandescent fixtures due to pending laws, we recommend installing LED linear strip. LED lamps are available for all Phantom linear fixtures, including Elite CM series cove lights. These unique, patented festoons offer the commercial builder and electrical lighting designer a “green solution” to pass onto clients interested in lowering operating costs and contributing to a more sustainable future. Phantom’s unique lamping technology allows white or colored LEDs with a lumens output equivalent to that of incandescent and nearly approximate to xenon. It might be best to propose to your clients the advantages of investing in LED replacement lamps now rather than later.

If you have been hired to replace existing linear cove lights in a building with a better or more energy efficient solution, you can save your client a great deal of money by simply replacing the lamps in their existing fixtures. Provided these fixtures are currently using festoon style lamps, you can obtain LED festoon lamps from one of our Agents and simply to the existing cove lighting strips in the building. This is an excellent way to win bids with companies worried about the costs of upgrades in the midst of the recession.

Boardrooms, halls, restaurants, private clubs, and meeting rooms are some of the many areas where commercial building cove lighting may be used with success. Call an Agent today for more information on Phantom CM custom cove lights for buildings and homes.

Our Agent network functions as the backbone of our sales, customer service, and technical support. Agents assist commercial contractors and private individuals with developing entire strip lighting systems for homes and offices. We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art and display lighting.

If you are considering adding or upgrading your cove lighting, the team at Phantom Lighting would be happy to help you come up with a plan  – just give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184.