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Although modern technology is working hard to close the gap bit by bit, the classic cabinet lighting fixture has not lost its appeal and continues to “shine” as a great choice of illumination.

Traditional illumination of trinkets and valuables housed on shelving and inside cupboards usually comes in two forms, both of which incorporate festoon lamp styles: Xenon and LED versions.

Festoon lamps, by definition, generally means a rather rigid cable or strip that has light globes attached at various intervals. A classic cabinet lighting fixture utilizes this concept to illuminate the contents of a cabinet.

Usually, consumers prefer that the light source be hidden while emanating a pleasant and flattering glow. Traditional festoon lamps are therefore a great choice for shelving that features arches and curves to help conceal the lighting fixtures themselves.

A Classic cabinet lighting fixture adds drama to the decor while showcasing prized books or art.

Xenon festoon lamps are generally a cost-effective choice, available in designs such as clear or frosted. LED festoon lamps offers a selection of colors and boasts increased energy efficiency as well as greater longevity of the bulb. Both allow dimming options.

Traditional cabinet illumination faces its greatest rival in LED ribbon technology. Instead of comparably rigid lines, this technology offers increased mounting flexibility with its ability to reach nooks and crannies previously inaccessible to traditional illumination. In addition, LED ribbon technology equals or surpasses classic festoon lamp styles in energy efficiency, selection of color tones and visible profile. It does not rely on curves and arches for concealment thanks to its miniature diameter. Each individual situation is unique and lighting needs vary. Consumers who are unsure of what type of fixture best suits their needs are encouraged to retain the services of a professional who has the experience to guide them in the right direction.

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