Contemporary Artwork

Contemporary Artwork

Contemporary Artwork can encompass a wide variety of styles and forms, ranging from the traditional to the avant garde, from video, to pop art, from installations to performance. The best way to get a sense of what this genre has to offer and what makes an artwork contemporary is to visit a contemporary art gallery.

Contemporary Artwork

Pop art

Pop art emerged in the mid to late 1950s in England and the United States. It was a revolt against traditional approaches to art. Many artists used bold imagery to convey the nuances of popular culture. Objects like comic books, cartoons, advertisements, magazines, and other mass media were interpreted in the Pop art style.

Pop Art was a style of art that reflected the culture of the 1960s. Artists used widely recognizable imagery to portray subjects that were unremarkable. This was a challenge to the elitist atmosphere of the art world, and Pop Art became an outlet for the masses.

The first artist to break the boundaries between art and life was Marcel Duchamp. Many famous artists blur the lines between high and low culture.

Giclee prints on canvas with hand-embellished gold paint

Modern contemporary artwork is available in a variety of sizes and frames. If you want a bold splash of color for your home, try a Giclee print on canvas. This type of artwork is created using a combination of hand embellishment and the use of technology. These embellishments include metallic leafing, gel embellishment and painterly technique. They add shimmer, depth and texture to the piece.

Aside from displaying a beautiful work of art, modern contemporary artwork can also be used to tie back into your home. For instance, you can use it to create a color palette or to pull a design idea from a specific piece of art.

Large-scale video

Video Contemporary Artwork is an art form that encompasses a variety of media. It includes digital and traditional film, video games, phone applications, and virtual reality. Historically, video art has explored concepts surrounding the place of the viewer and the nature of art.

Some early pioneers of video art include the likes of Nam June Paik and Bulat Galeev. These artists used moving images to document conceptual ideas, and were critical of contemporary society.

Many contemporary artists have also engaged with the technology, using it to expand the visual language of sculpture. Artists like Doug Aitken and Pipilotti Rist use video to create immersive environments, and often incorporate popular culture into their work.

Screen-based works, installations, robotics, performance and interactive works of art

Screen-based contemporary artwork, installations, robotics, performance and interactive works of art are revealing new ways of experiencing and creating artwork. They are bringing together artists from across the world who are responding to the digital and generative nature of these contemporary forms of expression.

Listed below are some of the most intriguing works from this area of artistic practice.

The works of Thomas Israel, Sabrina Ratte, James Charlton, Nikolas Chasser Skilbeck, and Christa Sommerer are all examples of the wide range of artistic practices that are emerging from these areas of digital media. These artists are using a variety of devices and materials to create works that are influenced by both contemporary and historical art.

Alexis Peskine is a French born American who spent some time in Dakar before settling in New York. His work has a pronounced French sensibility and an undeniable pop art touch. His ode to the Asterix moniteur is evident in his work, which is also accompanied by a pair of droids and an awe-inspiring cat.

Using the hammer, he has crafted outsized portraits of totemic magnitude. Some of his best work can be seen at the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut. In addition to his signature oversized scribbles, Peskine has a knack for the pop art medium and the jumbo sized print.

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