Venues that require indirect illumination will want to look into the cove lighting fixtures produced by Phantom. Commercial and professional buildings like hotels, restaurants, and museums have long sought for ways to improve their interior atmosphere. Most of these options are expensive and may require significant construction. For these reasons, many have turned to the economy and beauty that can be found in high quality illumination. By brightening up an alcove or other empty space the building will become more inviting and relaxing to its occupants.

Cove lighting fixtures must remain out of sight at all times. The idea is to produce soft illumination without distracting a person or appearing tacky. Phantom’s linear CM and LED strips are ideal for this purpose. They maintain a very low profile while also providing illumination superior to standard fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. While several manufacturers produce CM and LED strips, Phantom’s are the only ones on the market that can be shaped prior to installation. They can be fitted to a surface of any size or shape, even circular, irregular designs.

These features are installed with metal glare shields. These soften the illumination and diffuse it giving it a light, feathery appearance. Also, Phantom’s products can be calibrated to output any color or level of brightness. All of this together ensures that the features become part of a vibrant background, keeping a person in the moment while also enhancing their experience.

Phantom’s features require very little energy to function. CM fixtures with incandescent lamps can function with 10 watts of power or less. Xenon lamps are similar and produce neutral white color that’s ideal for professional settings. LED technology is even more energy efficient, needing less than a watt to function. When used appropriately, cove lighting fixtures can create a tapestry of color and illumination that impresses and uplifts.

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