Implementing cove lights can dramatically change the way a room looks, from the kitchen to the living room and beyond. The illumination features provide indirect sources of light that help give a room a relaxed and cozy feel. Not all designs are meant to be obvious; in fact, many installations are created to supplement already existing elements.Brighter sources such as chandeliers, recessed and pendant fixtures are usually the main lighting sources. By using a combination of these different features, a room or display is optimized for the best view possible. These installations help accent certain aspects of a room or a display.


Not all designs are necessarily boring either. Many creative designs benefit from the use of cove lights because they can be easily hidden. Staircases, for instance, are aspects of a home that are usually ignored. Yet, adding a feature can transform a modern staircase making it an unusual focal point of a room. Add fixtures to artwork or behind an aquarium to make these pieces stand out. Using vibrant colors, rather than traditional tones of white, can be an interesting way to decorate a space. No matter how the fixtures are installed, they can be designed to enrich and transform a space from basic to alluring.