Custom LED Cove Lighting

Custom LED Cove Lighting

LED cove lighting is perfect for supporting every element in a space and it’s beautiful on its own. Phantom’s custom LED cove lighting system is specifically made to create this type of accent light. They are powerful and discreet, making them very easy to hide.

Phantom’s custom LED cove lighting will enhance the beauty of a space, making it more vibrant and giving it a cozy, intimate feel. Phantom’s LED cove light can also be employed in commercial settings to create a professional, elegant look.

Custom LED Cove Lighting

What exactly is cove lighting?

Hidden illumination using LEDs is called cove lighting. The design enhances interior architecture by adding accent lighting to otherwise inaccessible places. This lighting blends general lighting with decorative lighting to give the entire room a feeling of completeness. Hidden illumination can highlight architectural features and entire ceilings.

This elegant dining area shows how cove lighting enhances space and can hold its own within the lighting hierarchy. The custom LED cove lighting is a striking feature in this room, even among accent lights and wall sconces. It adds depth to the ceiling and makes it stand out from the rest.

Is cove lighting common?

Direct cove lighting is a great way to add style and depth to your home’s dining, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living, office, or library spaces. There are other unique uses that you should consider. Colored cove lighting, usually blue, adds an extra dimension to movie watching in home theatres and media rooms. The LED cove lighting adds a new dimension to the room by illuminating architectural details that are often overlooked.

An LED cove light installed under cabinets at the toe kicks and on the underside stair steps may provide enhanced visuals and functionality in terms safety and wayfinding.

Businesses – Diode strip lighting can be used in offices, meeting rooms, and other areas. Many office workers work under harsh fluorescent lighting, which makes things seem lifeless. This cold lighting can make it difficult to work productively. Phantom’s dimmable fixtures make a more welcoming environment and demonstrate that the company is concerned about how it looks. It is important to interact with clients and diode strips can be used in lobby areas.

Backlighting can be a great way to make a lasting impression. Backlighting in informal settings such as restaurants can have a significant impact on the perception of the company.

Cove lighting in new buildings

Phantom’s custom LED cove lighting strips make great cove lights for new construction. Many public buildings and office buildings include some form of variance or cove at the ceiling. Cove lighting can add an aesthetic element and functional elements to a building. However, you must use flexible lighting sources that are adaptable to any setting.

You can also increase the value of new construction prices by installing a cove light source that is controlled and adjustable by the user. It can be customized to fit any setting and can even be adapted to bends and environments. The phantom linear cove lighting strip is a flexible, low profile light strip that can fit into building coves up to 3 inches from the wall and ceiling.

Linear strips are a better choice than fluorescent lighting fixtures in narrow spaces, such as offices and homes under construction. These narrow coves can be a problem because fluorescent fixtures and transformers are easily visible and may detract the ambience effect. Phantom custom LED cove lighting can provide the same lighting quality without making it visible. It can bend or be notched in any direction along serpentine coves. This light is ideal for use in kitchen beam trusses and valances due to its narrow shape.

Although my home does not have architectural coves I am still curious about the aesthetic advantages of indirect cove lighting. Do you have a solution? Yes! To create an identical visual effect as an architectural cove, you can install Phantom LED linear lighting strips along tops of cabinets. This adds subtle but noticeable dimension to your home’s rooms because the light is directed towards the ceiling. It is an excellent option in rooms that have a lot built-in cabinets, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Cove Lighting: Why LED is The Best Option

You can also add value by choosing from different lamp types. Phantom custom LED cove lighting fixtures are available with either incandescent or xenon festoon lamps. The best choice in cove lighting is LED. Our LED festoon lighting technology is a must-have for any LEED certified project.

A lamp design we have developed combines several bulb types into one festoon unit. It can also be attached to any type of cove light strip. The festoon lamps have a similar efficiency to xenon and rival incandescent lamps for lumen output. The lighting designer bidding on a project can choose from a variety of cool or warm accents, as well as state-of the-art green technology. This mimics traditional technology while consuming 80% less power and has a minimal forward throw.

Phantom custom LED cove lighting offers another great advantage: energy savings, but not compromise on quality. They are far more appealing than their fluorescent counterparts but still offer a competitively priced alternative. This is due to the low-voltage design of their lighting control systems and fully dimmable lighting.

These fixtures can also be manufactured using new 2800K LED festoons, which are a color- rendering light source that is equivalent to xenon. This will result in even greater savings. Commercial applications are increasing in popularity. We see restaurants and hotels using custom LED cove lighting to reduce energy consumption and protect their business from a slow market.

Rope lights vs. Phantom LED Cove Lighting

Because of their flexibility, rope lights can be bent to provide light in tight areas. Rope lights are great for decorative lighting, holiday lighting, and short-term display lighting. They are a popular choice for event planners who want to light special events throughout the year due to their endless selection of styles and bulbs.

Rope lights are used in a variety of residential areas. They can be used to add aesthetic or additional light to an area like a porch, back porch, or patio for hosting home entertaining events. These lights can be used to provide safety lighting along steps and handrails, or they can even be used for decorative purposes such as decorating gutters and trellises.

Rope lights can be used as accent decorations and cove lighting for spec homes because they’re so easy to put in. Rope lights are known for their flexibility, but they have some limitations. It can also fail to function if the rope is not properly bent. These lights can cause wall variations and uneven light distribution by highlighting tight areas or coves. The plastic housing of “hot” bulbs such as incandescent and xenon will turn brown over time from ultraviolet exposure.

Rope lights that are used this way will last a very short time and eventually need to be replaced. These additional costs cancel out any savings that they usually deliver in the long-term. The rope lights are wired in series so that if one light goes out, it will affect the whole string. Although a splice is possible to fix the problem, the quality of the lights will start to decrease and the lines may become less uniform. It is best to choose a longer-lasting custom LED cove lighting.

Phantom’s Line Of LED Linear Cove Lighting Systems

Classic Series: Made up of LED festoon lights; between 1.2 and 1.8 Watts per feet

Elite Series LED Light Tape – Available in 1.5,1.8,2.2, and 2.8 Watts per Foot

Ultra Series LED Light Tape – Available in 4.2, 5. and 7.5 Watts per Foot

All of our cove lighting systems were designed and made in house at our Houston facility. You can call Phantom at 800-863-1184 to learn more or to request a quote online.