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We are very fortunate here at Phantom Lighting Systems to have such a tremendous group of dedicated, knowledgeable individuals and professional organizations who represent us in your area of the country. Educating the professional community and selling lighting products is the primary responsibility for our lighting sales representatives. Some work as employees of lighting manufacturing companies, but most lighting sales “reps” are employed by independent agencies that have contracts to sell the products of several lighting companies in a specific city, state, or country.

As a normal part of their work, Phantom sales representatives offer lighting design and application assistance to architects, interior designers, engineers, lighting designers, and other specifiers of lighting. They “call on” specifiers, contractors and distributors, ensuring that product information is made available and catalogs are kept up-to-date. Once the lighting for a project is specified, the rep negotiates the price for the product on behalf of the actual manufacturer, and sells the product to the electrical distributor. Reps also assist with warranty services and make sure that the products they have sold perform properly. For lighting sales representatives, being genuinely knowledgeable about lighting is important in demonstrating their value to their customers.

Phantom Strip Lights, also sold by our United States lighting agent, are another great way to embellish your cherished belongings with fine lighting. These custom low voltage display lights are ideal for shelves, cabinets, breakfronts, armoires, and hidden cove lighting. Phantom Strip Lights produce an soft, even source of illumination over your entire display, highlighting every object under a warm light. Our United States lighting agent can tell you about the innovative LED adjustable shelf concept, which allows the user to remove or relocate existing shelf fixtures without having to use tools or disconnect wires.

This patented adjustable shelf concept is special to Phantom Lighting and its United States agents. Other types strip lights do not offer the versatility or flexibility when measuring up against Phantom Strip Light products. Homeowners can choose from a variety of special trims before making their final purchase. Ask our United States lighting agent about which trim is right for you.

There is no need to let your lighting projects slide into the New Year. Get a head start now with the unique product line offered by Phantom Lighting. We have numerous United States agents located within every state, no matter where you live. Give your interior space a touch of dazzling illumination with the unique lighting fixtures offered by Phantom Lighting. Contact one of our United States agents today and give your project the brilliant touch it deserves!

To learn more about Phantom Lighting products such as the Contour Projector or Lighting Strips please contact a lighting agent in your city or state for more information. Thank you!

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