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Home Accent Lighting

Home Accent Lighting

As technology improves, home accent lighting is becoming more accessible and more efficient. With an advanced setup, a house can be converted from cold and dark to warm and inviting. Even smaller houses can benefit from this technology, because it can fit just about anywhere. Specialized fixtures also expend less energy than a standard incandescent or fluorescent bulb, so they are inexpensive to maintain. In many rooms, they can serve as a proper source of illumination during the night. This improves safety and costs less to maintain than operating standard fixtures. They are typically considered a safer option to traditional fixtures because they require very little wattage to operate.

When people think of home accent lighting, they often think of illumination used for decorative purposes. In many ways, this is correct, but these fixtures can also provide visibility at night or in areas that are tough to illuminate otherwise. For instance, placing under cabinet lighting in the kitchen or garage can make it easier to see while preparing food or fixing an object on a workbench. Switching on a high voltage fixture in the middle of the night may disturb others, but under cabinet illumination makes relying on brighter options unnecessary. A person exposed to bright lights at night may have their Circadian Rhythm disturbed, resulting in restlessness and loss of sleep.

Well-placed fixtures in coves or cabinets can make it much easier to see at night as well, improving safety and security. They can be finely controlled with dimmers and operate at a lower level of intensity. Home accent lighting, therefore, is often designed to function without being noticed.

These fixtures are typically used for decorative purposes. Phantom fixtures are versatile and can be placed in display cabinets, coves and used for illuminating pieces of art. They are built with a low profile that keeps them out of sight and makes them easy to install. Other manufacturers produce similar fixtures, but Phantom’s are superior in a couple of ways. First, they require very little power to run, around half a watt for most models. For this reason, Phantom’s home accent lighting produces negligible heat that won’t cause a fire hazard or make the room uncomfortable.

Competing designs require five to seven watts of power, which means more heat and more wasted energy. These fixtures are meant to be on constantly, so this can add up quickly if a less efficient model is chosen. Phantom’s fixtures also output four times the brightness than competing models, though homeowners can modify the level of illumination with dimmer controls.

Modern houses often come with vaulted ceilings or alcoves. Installing home accent lighting in these spaces can add a decorative touch that imparts class and warmth. LED festoon lamps are perfect for these areas, because they can be left on day and night with minimal power requirements. LED festoon lamps come in a variety of color temperatures and can be designed to look like xenon or incandescent fixtures. Many people have pieces of fine art that are mounted on interior walls.

Phantom offers a line of ceiling mounted projectors that produce subtle illumination on any piece. Because the projector is well out of sight, the subtle illumination makes the piece appear as if it is glowing on the inside. With the right decorative fixtures, a house can be made into a more inviting and inspiring space.

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