Home accent lighting is now a popular way to add a touch of warmth and beauty to any room. At first, this technology was impractical and expensive to maintain, but today’s options are more energy efficient and compact. As a result, it is a viable option for anyone, even those on a tight budget. While they are primarily used for decorative purposes, they can also provide some modest functionality. For instance, their extremely low energy expenditure means they can be kept on around the clock, even at night. This improves safety and security in the house while also providing some needed illumination for people who stay up late.

The vast majority of these fixtures are placed in the kitchen. Home accent lighting has long been centered in this room, where it is typically installed under cabinets. This is still a popular place for these fixtures because they can provide added illumination in a food preparation area. Modern fixtures, though, can also be placed inside cabinets, in coves, or in display cases. They can generally be placed anywhere a person wants them. Their low operating expense and impressive output have made them extremely versatile.

Phantom produces a number of LED and xenon fixtures that can fit just about anywhere. LED ribbons can be shaped into circular or serpentine patterns. Both LED and xenon fixtures can be measured for any surface and installed with a profile so low that no one will be able to see the bulb. Instead, they’ll be able to simply appreciate the soft, warm glow.

Mounted projectors are also a popular option, particularly for people with art hanging that they would like to showcase. These devices are designed to stay out of sight, producing a contoured beam that makes the subject appear as if it is glowing.

With the many forms of home accent lighting available, a house can be transformed into a peaceful haven with a beautiful glow.