Houston Based Sculptors

Houston Based Sculptors

Houston based sculptors have produced many wonderful works of art throughout the decades. These artists include Jim Robertson, David Adickes, and Will Larson. All have had their work displayed in the prestigious Art Museum TX, and they are all famous Houston artists and well-known for their creativity and craftsmanship.

Houston Based Sculptors

Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson is a Houston based sculptor who churns out several noteworthy pieces each year. He has a knack for finding the best materials around town and using them to create a variety of impressive pieces. One such piece is the 22-foot metal head that sits atop a downtown Trinity tower.

For a while, this iconic monument served as the city’s landmark. But since then, it’s been repurposed as a tourist attraction. As you drive or bike by the sculpture, you’ll see the eyes glowing red at night. It’s a sight to behold!

In addition to the eye-catching piece, Robertson also has a photobook in the works. He will publish it in December 2020.

Will Larson

Larson, who is based in Austin, Texas, is creating an immersive body of work from a bygone factory. He combines thread from a discarded garment factory with discarded employee time cards.

The Thread Room (2022) invites viewers to walk among thousands of shelved spools of thread. The work is organized by color to create an impression of light filtering into the room. Its a library of labor, an artifact of the garment industry’s transformation from a rural community to a predominantly outsourced industry in the late 1990s.

Will Larson has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers. His works have been installed in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Germany.

James Surls

James Surls, a Houston-based sculptor, is one of America’s most prominent living artists. His work is found in many major museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art in NY and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC. He is also one of the founders of the Lawndale Art Center in Houston.

Surls grew up in East Texas, where he cultivated his appreciation of the natural world. He studied at Sam Houston State College and the Cranbrook Academy of Art. His work explores the relationship between the metaphysical and physical world. It often incorporates images of flowers, trees, diamonds, and the human body.

His hybrid forms are inspired by rock formations, flowers, the human body, and microcosmic worlds. He is a renowned artist who has received several awards. In 2013, he was recognized as a Texas Cultural Trust Award recipient.

David Adickes

David Adickes is a Houston-based sculptor, artist, composer, author, and teacher who lives in River Oaks. His art has appeared in hundreds of corporate collections. And he has also worked on many large-scale projects, including a seven-year project building presidential parks in Virginia and South Dakota.

He was born in Huntsville, Texas, in 1927. After graduating from Sam Houston State University, he studied in France with Fernand Leger. In 1948, he joined the Air Force, and in 1950, he moved to Houston.

In 1967, he opened Love Street Light Circus, a club that became a cultural hub in the Downtown Houston neighborhood. In 1983, he unveiled his first public sculpture, “The Virtuoso.” It is a 36-foot-tall cellist, and it stands as a beacon to the Theater District.

Art Museum TX

Houston is home to a variety of art museums. These institutions range from those that concentrate on art to those that cover history and science. For those who are looking to see the work of local Texas-based artists, Art Museum TX is a great resource. This new museum features a diverse collection of artwork.

Francesca Fuchs is one of the more prominent local artists. Her works explore the notion of how objects define the world we live in. She uses insignificant objects to paint a story about how the world changes over time.

Another artist to watch is Matt Manalo. He uses found and repurposed materials to create pieces that illustrate the historical significance of colonialism in the Philippines. His work also focuses on the human body and its complexities.


Houston is home to many renowned sculptors. One of the city’s most prominent pieces is the “Virtuoso” sculpture by David Adickes. This massive piece, stands 36 feet tall and plays classical music for pedestrians passing by. It is an integral part of the redevelopment of the area around Lyric Centre.

Houston is also the location for several art exhibitions. For example, the Houston Art Museum recently hosted an exhibition of Houston artists. Some of the works featured were by Sharon Kopriva, John Atlas, and The Art Guys.

Another important work is “The Yellow Scale,” which was painted in 1907 and is now in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This piece is a favorite among many.

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