Indirect LED cove illumination is like a bow on a meticulously wrapped present. It’s the perfect accent piece that supports every other element of a space’s look and is beautiful in its own right. Phantom’s diode strips are specifically designed to produce this kind of accent light, with impressive power and a low profile that makes them easy to conceal.

Once installed, Phantom’s diode lighting will bring out the subtle features in a room, making colors appear more vivid and imparting an intimate, cozy feel. In commercial settings, Phantom’s diode lighting can be used to great effect, evoking a professional appearance.

How Is Indirect LED Cove Illumination Normally Used?

How is Phantom’s indirect LED cove illumination normally used?

Efficiency, aesthetics and versatility are among Phantom’s design priorities, so these fixtures can be used in a variety of situations. In both residential and commercial settings, they are installed near the ceiling and gently radiate from their concealment spots. In the home, placing the lighting on top of cabinetry, valences, molding, or in coves will give the fixtures the perfect angle to shine. From here, the fixtures will softly glow, providing a wash of light that wraps around the molding or valence and cascades down walls and over ceilings. Homeowners that want to bring out an interesting architectural feature will find that diode strip lighting is one of the easiest ways to do it.

In commercial buildings, diode strip lighting is ideal for lobbies, meeting rooms or office settings. Office workers are often subjected to harsh, withering fluorescent lighting that makes everything appear lifeless. It’s a struggle to be productive while being washed out by this cold lighting. Phantom’s diode fixtures are much more inviting and show that a company cares about the impression it makes. This is also important when interacting with clients, so diode strips are also a good fit in lobbies. Many companies choose to backlight their logo or artwork in their office lobbies, creating an eye catching effect that can leave a meaningful impression. In more informal commercial settings, like restaurants, backlighting can make an enormous impact on how people perceive the business.

Even after a space appears to be set aesthetically, there’s always room for one more accent to improve the look even more. Phantom’s indirect LED cove illumination is the perfect finishing touch, providing beautiful lighting in an efficient, economical package.