Many commercial and residential buildings are designed with delicate features along the ceiling and walls, and these features can be brought out with cove molding lighting. Many pieces of molding are designed with small alcoves that can fit a set of strip fixtures.

When professionally designed and installed, these strip fixtures can completely change the look of a space. Home and business owners typically want to draw attention to the best features in each room. By highlighting the strong angles or delicate curves in a space, the room can feel more like a work of art than just a functional space.


Levels, open spaces, and intricately carved features can go unnoticed when they are placed along the top of a room. This is a shame because these features are meant to add to the aesthetic sophistication of the space. If they aren’t seen, they might as well not be there. Cove molding lighting is designed to fix this. These strip fixtures provide a source of indirect illumination that emanates from any open spaces or features along the top of the room. The illumination is softened with glare shields that spread and soften the radiance. As a result, it spreads from the edges of the ceiling like a fine, soft carpet.

Though most rooms feature standard shapes along the ceiling, Phantom’s strip fixtures can be designed to any shape imaginable. This includes complex, irregular shapes, and graceful curves. Phantom premeasures and cuts all of its fixtures, so they are designed to fit perfectly as soon as they arrive at the installation site. They are also easy to work with, so a professional can quickly resize them if necessary. This ensures the fixtures blend in with their surroundings perfectly. In short, see the illumination, not the fixture that creates it.

Several forms of illumination can be used in cove molding lighting, though LED strips are the best for most situations. LED fixtures are the most efficient on the market and produce more lumens per watt of power than other fixtures. Because most installations involve many lamps, and because these fixtures are left on for long periods of time, they must be efficient. Otherwise, they can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, Phantom’s LED strips are designed with this purpose in mind, so they represent the most cost effective fixtures available.

LED strips can also be easily hooked up to dimmer switches and customized in a number of ways. This includes altering the color and intensity of the fixture. With fine dimmer controls, the home or business owner can quickly set the level of radiance that works best. They can be made bright enough to function as a primary source of illumination, or subtle enough to add a layer of intimacy to the room. In short, these fixtures can completely transform how a room looks and how other people experience the space.

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