In cabinet lighting is often overlooked by homeowners, but it can add a touch of beauty that other forms of illumination cannot. In fact, once installed, many homeowners won’t ever be able to go without it again, as it brings much more than just simple illumination to a room.

This technology is focused on aesthetics, providing an accent of light and a drop of color. At night, it can provide just enough glow to see, but not enough to become harsh. It makes it an ideal night lamp and a soothing addition to a bedroom or den.

How To Use In Cabinet Lighting For Display Furniture

How does in cabinet lighting work?

The primary reason homeowners opt for this form of illumination, though, is to show off a collection of books or mementos. Display furniture, with its alcoves and shelves, tends to fade into the darkness at night. Any items stored on the shelves will be impossible to see in the dark, making the furniture nothing more than something to stub a toe on. Huge pieces of display furniture can be imposing at night, adding an air of discomfort to a room. This form of illumination can solve these problems by injecting some life into the furniture.

What kinds of in cabinet lighting does Phantom offer?

Phantom offers three lines of display furniture illumination, each available in several designs to accommodate any display furniture. The Classic is Phantom’s most economical option and consists of xenon lamps that mimic the color tones of incandescent bulbs. Incandescent fixtures are prized for their warm, soft rays, but incandescent fixtures are extremely inefficient. Xenon lamps can give the same warm radiance without the wasted power.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra lines are LED fixtures, and both represent the best fixtures designs on the market. The Elite creates 67 lumens of illumination per linear foot.  The Ultra pumps out an incredible 240 lumens of radiance per linear foot. Both offer all of the illumination needed to display anything a homeowner wants to present, from antique books to intricate artwork to precious photos. When hooked up to dimmer switches, they can be set at any brightness level a homeowner desires so they can be brought up during the evening and softened when it’s time for bed.

All three lines can be customized to fit in any piece of furniture seamlessly. Phantom places a huge emphasis on concealing the fixture because this is the only way to eliminate harsh glare. Phantom also offers a proprietary adjustable shelving design that can’t be found anywhere else. Using an ingenious combination of buss bars, brass contact pads and a concealed transformer, Phantom’s adjustable shelving fixtures can be rearranged at a moment’s notice. While competing fixtures have to be rewired by a professional every time the furniture shelving is rearranged, Phantom’s adjustable shelving design can work with any configuration. This form of illumination may seem excessive, but once installed, the homeowner is sure to fall in love with its grace and beauty.