As a fine art lighting manufacturer we always strive to improve our lighting equipment. At Phantom Lighting we always attend national trade shows, visit our specifiers and listen to feedback from our clients every chance we can get.

We learn ways to solve problems our customers may have encountered on a job and use the constructive feedback to make our lighting fixtures better, easier to install and most importantly, user friendly. We occasionally get feedback on competitive products worth noting. So, when we hear a really good one, we like to pass it on to those who are considering using Phantom Lighting projectors.

I manage a large lighting showroom in Houston. I have always been reluctant to specify or furnish framing projectors to my customers because they are expensive and usually nothing but trouble. My lighting representative showed me the Phantom Contour Projector and just how easy it was to install over Wendelighting® optical projector or Laymance optical projectors, RM Series (remodel housings) on a retro-fit job. My installer was quite pleased with how easy the rough in process went, especially since no patching or painting was required. We trimmed out the projectors yesterday and I could not be more pleased. The ease and simplicity of the adjustable shutters makes this one of the most affordable and effective framing projectors on the market. I also used the custom template to light not only two works individually, but three on one wall. I plan to make Phantom Contour Projectors my standard for lighting fine art.

Phantom Lighting differentiates itself from all other recessed lighting manufacturers by engineering fine art lighting fixtures and low voltage display lighting products found nowhere else in the world. Phantom Lighting has earned a reputation as pioneers by developing patented technology that delivers precise measurements and variations of intensity from concealed lighting sources. No other art lighting manufacturer devotes the amount of time and energy that we invest in adapting our proprietary technology to the specific needs of each commercial and residential client. The Phantom Contour Projector has earned world-renowned acclaim for its ability to create the magical effect of “lighting art from within,” and our Phantom Strip Lighting series eliminates wiring by uniting near-invisible fixtures with display cases and shelving so as to fill the interior space with light that appears to emanate from all points at once. and art becomes light.

If you are interested in learning lighting techniques and/or more about the Phantom Lighting System please contact us at 800-863-1184 We can also reach us online using our contact us form. We look forward to your call and the privilege of serving you!