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Cove lighting design adds dimension to interior architecture and design by adding a layer of accent lighting in otherwise unreachable places that function to blend general lighting with decorative lighting and fill the entirety of the room with a sense of luminary completion.

Because lighting coves vary widely in depth and radius design, cove lighting requires a highly level of customization. Standard fixture designs prove inadequate on any but the most rigid and angular of surfaces. In a more sophisticated interior, xenon linear strips engineered to accommodate radial bends and narrow surfaces have to be used in order to conceal the light source and add mystique and ambiance to overall lighting design.

This allows the architect to focus on the structural designs of unique architectural elements without having to worry about what type of lighting he or she will later have to search for to illuminate the interior. With Phantom CM series kitchen cove lights, designers can simply submit a blueprint to our team and have our factory manufacture cove lights around the framework of the ceiling architecture. These strips can be made to fit radius bends of up to 360 degrees and remain completely concealed when installed. The resulting sourceless glow these cove lights produce allows building design professionals to apply some very unique attribution on a precision level to achieve any number of important accent and decorative strip lighting effects in key areas of commercial and residential structures.

Foyers, for instance, are intended to be more than simple entryways into an establishment. In a hospitality setting, they play an important role in establishing a sense of separation from the outside world. When guests walk into a foyer filled with ambient lighting, they immediately feel relaxed and welcome. LED strip cove lights in foyers can set the tone for an evening of fine dining, or a night in a well-furnished suite filled with amenity and charm. Equally important, cove lights in both hotels and restaurants can be used to initiate theme lighting designs. A recent project at Houston’s Aquarium restaurant features an installation of our CM linear lights along serpentine covers that wind along curving, fluid walls and ceilings built to mimic a sandy shoreline. Special 2800K LED lamps were used in these fixtures to mimic the color of sand.

In a troubled economy such theme accent lighting effects are remarkably cost effective when done with 2800K LED lamps. Already operating on a dimmable, low-voltage linear strip, these energy saving lamps further reduce costs by the simple virtue that they only need 20% of the power required by other luminaires in the first place. Restaurant cove lighting adds a very essential design element necessary to attracting repeat business at a negligible cost that is well worth the one-time investment in equipment.

Custom homes designed with visible trusses also experience a very powerful new dimension of lighting when lit from within by concealed cove lights or low voltage linear lighting systems. This serves to magnify the visibility of the beams without the visible presence of technology, and can be done in harmony with a number of decorative styles including rustic, Craftsman, or Arts and Crafts motifs.

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