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The installation instructions behind most art lights are beyond the reach of many homeowners, as they require special training or equipment to place properly. Interestingly, when it comes to optical framing projectors, which experts consider the best option for illuminating paintings or sculptures, even experts have trouble with them. That’s because every manufacturer uses nonstandard processes to design their projectors, and an expert either has to be trained in that particular brand of projector, or try to intuit how the fixture is designed. This often leads to botched placement.

Fortunately, the installation instructions for Phantom’s art lights are simple to follow and are designed to be workable by people of any skill level. The process is pretty quick. First, a spot has to be found for the projector, and Phantom’s can be placed just about anywhere because they are highly adjustable. Once a spot is found, the housing is secured inside the ceiling by attaching it to ceiling joists. A hole is cut out for the projector’s trim and the mounting cradle is affixed to the rotation ring. The projector is then secured to the mounting cradle and a cover plate fitted to the bottom of the fixtures to conceal everything from view. At this point, all that’s left is to aim the fixture and turn it on. In all, it should only take a few hours, but once set up, it will look like you spent much more time on such a beautiful display.

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