Just a few years ago, LED Lamps changed the world of decorative lighting. Previous to the rise of LED lamps, décor always came with a rather hefty price tag. Incandescent sources simply used too much power and cost too much to operate. They also burned very hot and increased cooling costs.

Linear lighting with 5-7 watt lamps will overheat a room quickly. Just one watt of power emits 1 BTU in heat. Multiply that by 5 watts per lamp, and you can see how hot your room gets, and how much extra you have to pay to cool it down.

This all changed when  Phantom LED lamps emerged. LED made decorative lighting affordable. LED lamps use less than 60% as much electricity as incandescent lamps. LED cove lighting fixtures, for example, did not produce heat, but the printed circuit boards that operated them did. Heat was still an issue—even with lamps of less than 5 watts of power.


Phantom Lighting’s new LED replacement festoon lamp now introduces a new generation of decorative luminance that requires less than 1 watt of power. The heat output is negligible and offsets the cost of cooling the room. Phantom is able to create this savings curve without sacrificing quality. Our 6-bulb design emits plenty of light in a 120 degree pattern of distribution and a better blend of color temperature.

Phantom lamps are engineered to retrofit a wide range of linear strip lights made by a diversity of lighting manufacturers. You only have to remove your original festoons and replace them with Phantom LED lamps. Our technology will adapt to 12V or 24V magnetic transformers, so you do not have to rewire your existing book lighting, cabinet lighting, or cove lighting system. You can also use our LED strip lighting lamp technology for certain nautical lighting, aviation lighting, and under the cabinet lighting applications.

The light output from our festoons is unrivaled in our industry. Most competing festoon designs rely on 5mm, “Toppled” LEDs. A single one of these bulbs only emits 1-1.5 lumens. The most you can expect is 10 lumens total output. This is far weaker than incandescent and xenon and often causes a homeowner or procurement manager to invest in older technology that is inefficient—just to have more light.

You don’t have to make this compromise with Phantom. Our LED festoon lamp emit 5 times the light as other festoons– equivalent to traditional lamps. With our LED lamps, you can have the same lumens output as incandescent and xenon without the additional costs.

Phantom energy saving LED lamps operate at a CRI of 80 and range in superb color temperatures of 3500K, cool white 5000K, and 2700K. They also have a 50,000 hour average lamp life as compared to 7,500 hours for incandescent lamps and up to 20,000 hours for Xenon festoon lamps.

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Our LED lighting fixture manufacturing facility is located in Houston Texas. We invite you to contact us direct at 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on our LED lamping options. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed, view an LED brochure, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQs located on our Phantom Lighting blog.

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