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Phantom led undercabinet lights are custom made to fit the dimensions of the undersurface of the cabinet. Five unique styles of trim styles offer a variety of glare shield designs that produce continuous lighting that shines backward away from the eyes with a minimum of reflection and spill light.

This lets our custom undercabinet lighting strips be used to light very challenging reflective surfaces such like granite or marble countertops with noticeably better results than competing standard linear strip lights and fluorescent fixtures. The benefits of customization allow builders and homeowners to select anything from light source to color temperature so that our technology will approximate their own objectives hand in glove. Every Phantom led under counter display cabinet lighting fixture is also fully dimmable.

led undercabinet lights

The development of our technology was inspired by the many challenges presented by previous light sources for in cabinet lighting. One of the biggest negatives associated with incandescent and xenon under counter lighting has always been excessive heat buildup. Hot lights under the cabinet can do more than create discomfort for the cook. They can significantly raise room temperatures and trigger HV/AC system into working overtime to cool off the kitchen. This can amount to considerable increased costs to the homeowner, who is already paying a great deal of money to cool one of the hottest rooms in the house.

Kitchen under counter lighting with LED lamps, by contrast, is by nature a more cool-burning light source. This is not to imply that the diodes it uses to produce light generate no heat at all—they do. However, the nature of diode light production allow for heat to be dissipated from an LED lamp in a way that cannot be done with incandescent. Heat sinks can be engineered to draw the heat away from the bulb as light travels outward along its intended trajectory. Although at the source level the light may not be technically heatless, from the human, experiential point of view it is. Room cooling costs can be significantly lowered with this technology, allowing the homeowner to get the most out of their kitchen undercabinet lights without having to pay an exorbitant cost in the process.

LED under counter lighting lets you guarantee lower lighting costs to your clients when they move into their home and begin to use their new kitchen task lights. This guarantee is not based on marketing or even Phantom engineering, but rather the scientific fact that Phantom LED light bulbs use 60% less power than incandescent bulbs. This percentage can be used to predict with a high level of accuracy how much less LED energy saving under counter lighting will cost than incandescent or xenon in comparison. While this may not be that much of a concern to the wealthiest of custom home owners, there are other cases where lower energy costs in the kitchen may actually be a point of concern. If you are a design build contractor that is faced with such a scenario, or a homeowner that is seeking looking to lower energy costs out of conscientious concern for the environment, then please see the value that superior lighting with greater energy efficiency can offer both your pocketbook and the environment.

This value is magnified further when we consider the many lighting advantages of LED under counter lighting strips themselves. Designed with patented festoon lamps found only in our product line, the 1.7 watt Phantom LED festoon can generate the same amount of light as a 5 watt Xenon lamp. Previous generations of LED bulbs were often rejected due to noticeably weaker light output. By overcoming this barrier, Phantom engineers have overcome a major obstacle and launched LED into the world of luxury lighting. Color temperatures are as robust as luminance when it comes to our proprietary technology. The warm 2800K is often favored by kitchen designers who want to approximate xenon’s color temperature as much as possible. The 2950K and 5000K are also available to people who either need or want a cooler color temperature.

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