Wade060317I recently acquired a large antique corner cabinet for my home that desperately needs some kind of internal lighting. I have placed the cabinet in a dark wood room which gets very little natural lighting. My home is fairly traditional so, I do not have overhead lighting to wash the cabinet like they did at the antique store. Can you help me?

Phantom strip lights, particularly the VM Series strip lights are perfect for illuminating antique corner cabinets or any kind of furniture for that matter. The corner cabinet on the left shows our vertical mount strip lights hidden inside the cabinet on both sides as well as a horizontal strip on top to provide an indirect light source. The low voltage transformer was hidden in the base cabinet along with the dimmer control.

This antique corner cabinet pictured above has fixed shelves with scroll fronts. We custom fabricated eight small vertical Phantom light trims to fit between the shelves and connected them together with small wire jumpers to create a continuous light source. All Phantom light trims have a glare shield which prohibits you from seeing the light source from any viewing angle. The internal strip lighting in this corner cabinet is striking at first glance.

Phantom light strips are the Cadillac of low voltage festoon strip lighting. Other manufacturers of linear lighting products, such as rope light, fail to hide the light source. Other strip lighting products would require more intrusive wiring methods which would devalue the cabinet. Phantom lighting is all about hiding the source and seeing the light. It’s Simple. It’s Easy! It’s Effective!

For more information on Phantom strip lights for display lighting or the Phantom Contour Projector for art lighting visit one of our knowledgeable lighting agents for a color brochure. Or you can contact customer service at 800-863-1184 for technical information or specifications.

We are more than happy to help you design and supply a custom cabinet lighting system for your antique cabinet.