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Lighting projector uses Rosco steel and custom gobos for creating images and patterns.

Phantom Contour Projectors and Custom gobos and are used in virtually every lighting project these days by professional lighting designers. Historically, the use of pattern projectors and image projectors was limited to the theatrical industry because of the size of the equipment. Most theatrical equipment is surface mounted and therefore could not be used in residential and commercial environments.

Today, lighting designers have smaller more powerful recessed lighting fixtures such as the Phantom pattern projector. This permits the introduction of this magical pattern effect into homes, offices, retail spaces and executive conference rooms. In fact, Disney designers recently used Phantom Contour pattern projectors on the cruise ship “Disney Magic” in the Parrot Cay Restaurant.

Phantom Lighting System has created a custom Gobo holder designed specifically for Rosco Steel Gobos. Rosco Laboratories presently manufactures over 700 standard steel gobo designs that fit perfectly into the Phantom Contour Projector. Manufactured like a stencil, all elements of the design must be connected with tabs to the outer ring of the gobo.

Rosco Laboratories also manufacturers custom silk screened glass gobos made on quartz glass using a unique coating silk-screened onto the base. This “painted” coating allows your design to avoid “tabbing” needed in custom steel gobos. This method is very similar to the hand cut templates that are used to illuminate paintings and sculptures in the Contour projector. Corporate logos can now be projected onto the floor or a wall in both white and full color depending on the design.

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