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Looking for a Cabinet Lighting Manufacturer?

Most under-cabinet lighting fixtures are manufactured for either decorative or functional purposes. Individuals seeking a linear strip capable of fulfilling both requirements often have difficulty finding one product to accommodate all of their needs.

This lack of dual functionality in many fixtures led in part in part to the creation of Phantom Lighting. We are a unique manufacturer of linear cabinet lighting strips that can be used for both functional under-cabinet task illumination or decorative accent showcasing. Phantom linear strip lights can be used as either an under-cabinet or display cabinet light, thus bundling more options into a single fixture that saves on overall costs and conserves energy with its superior engineering design.

Because power cost is rapidly overtaking equipment costs as the primary factor in determining the value of an investment, energy efficient and newer, “green” technology becomes an matter of increasing consideration in light of alarming data on current global warming trends. In some parts of the world, fossil fuels are used to power electrical generators, so the conversation of electricity in turn can have a direct impact on the attempt to minimize and move away from fossil fuel reliance. Cabinet lighting manufacturers have had to answer to the demands of a global market that takes each of these factors into increasingly greater account as equivalent- if not more important- considerations to front end costs.

We therefore provide replacement LED festoon lamp options in 12VAC configurations to accommodate both preference and energy efficiency. We also lead our industry with a number of special patents that make certain elements of our technology simultaneously backward and forward compatible. The key to accomplishing this lies in the unique and highly proprietary process that we use to manufacture these versatile strips themselves. We custom manufacture any cabinet or under cabinet LED fixture to the exact specifications, dimensions, and application of client requirement. Our fixtures do not require traditional brackets to attach to cabinet surface areas. Instead, they utilize existing metal shelf standards to conduct electricity and do not require DC power inverters or the intrusive presence of visible wires.

If you need help customizing your cabinet lighting, contact the designers at Phantom Lighting toll-free at 800-863-1184. We can help you craft a lighting solution designed specifically for you! When you’re ready to get started, request a quote using our online form.

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