One of the easiest ways to make a major visual upgrade to a kitchen is with undercabinet lighting. This technology is perfect for filling in those dark spots in the kitchen with bright, warm illumination, and it can greatly improve the room’s look and feel with no construction necessary. But kitchens are only one application, as the fixtures can also be useful in workspaces, pantries and commercial settings.No matter where the technology is placed, it will improve the room’s form and function without requiring constant maintenance.

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.

Undercabinet lighting used to be delivered with incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, but this is no longer the case. Now, LED strips are considered the superior choice, as they provide more output, better efficiency, and better precision than older technologies. With their ultra-low profile, they are easy to hide from view, and the average LED fixture lasts more than twice as long as an incandescent bulb, and it will retain its look even when it is close to burning out.

LED strips are perfect for the kitchen, where they can be installed behind a piece of trim and fitted to the cabinet. The aiming trim, which Phantom Lighting can provide, will ensure the fixture is metered properly and won’t overpower the space. And with metal glare shields softening the illumination, there aren’t any distracting shadows present.

The effect makes the room look like it’s glowing, and not just merely blasted with bright illumination. It’s the kind of effect that will draw people into the space.