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Are there any lighting manufacturers of LED lighting lamps that can replace existing incandescent and xenon festoons lamps?

Lighting manufacturers offer a myriad of products that vary considerably in quality and price. A large percentage of lighting users must still rely on AC lighting fixtures because of tight budgets and LED lighting manufacturers recognize this reality when proposing any type of upgrade. Certain key design features have to be incorporated into LED bulbs, lamps, and fixtures in order to create the lighting fixture equivalent of “backward compatibility” that will not impede forward motion and industry evolution. It is by striking this delicate balance through innovation and patented engineering that Phantom Lighting has emerged as a leading contender in an industry that is rapidly expanding. LED lighting strips advance both decorative and task lighting by leaps and bounds without leaving the end user behind.

A brief understanding of how LED lamps work will help to highlight the differences between lighting manufacturers:

LED festoon lamps normally function on Direct Current only and therefore require DC power inverters to make them compatible with AC wiring systems.

This, of course, presents a burden for the end user, who must now purchase additional equipment and try to figure out just how to install it without creating a visual nuisance. Phantom coordinates the manufacturing of LED lights and linear strip lighting that resolve both of these issues by engineering its products with design features found nowhere else in the world.

We design our linear strips with low voltage magnetic transformers that are fully compatible with 120VAC current and eliminate the headache of AC to DC conversion. We also manufacture our LED lighting strips to work independently without exposed wiring. Our AC Series adjustable concealed lighting concept is one of the most sophisticated forms of commercial cabinet lighting. It also enables us to manufacture LED light strips that are easier for us to have custom fabricated and simpler for our clients to adjust.

We also work very hard to accommodate those who do not have the budget to replace entire lighting strips. We have perfected a special design that enables us to manufacture LED lamps and bulbs capable of completely replacing incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon festoons on previously installed linear lighting systems. This has resulted in a tremendous cost savings for commercial clients who are looking to obtain LEEDS certification by reducing their wattage per square foot. In most instances now, it is only necessary to replace the lamps without throwing out the strip lights.

Phantom not only made this solution possible—we actually patented it. The keys to this LED strip lighting design are the quality of the bulbs themselves and the combined output of three identical bulbs placed in close proximity to one another. This results is a combined output of approximately 50 lumens (the same as that of xenon and incandescent lamps) that easily outperforms the lamps of other LED lighting manufacturers that can only produce 10 lumens each on the average.

To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer of LED lighting lamps in the world that can effectively replace incandescent, fluorescent, and xenon festoon lamps with equivalent lumen output. We use the world’s top commercial grade LED’s and have them installed in our unique festoon lighting design.

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