What Options Are Available With Strip Lights?

Strip Lights

Strip Lights

When looking for a low-cost accent or task lighting solution for a home or office, strip lights – tiny lamps embedded in strips, may be the perfect linear lighting product to consider. Why is that? For one, strip lighting can be cut to fit any length and go in any part of a room, and because they use minimal voltage power compared to traditional light bulbs, they can help cut energy costs and come with a lower risk of overheating.

These lamps have an extremely long life, and their flexibility, versatility, and durability have made them a favorite among homeowners and design professionals looking to enhance the look of a space with creative lighting solutions.

Phantom offers some of the best strip lights around. They come in a variety of categories for residential and commercial lighting use, including:

  • Classic: This uses festoon bulbs as the source of illumination and is great for arched or curved ceilings, since the trim is notched to fit anywhere. The classic lamps come in two types, Xenon (the traditional lamp base, lower costing) or LED (more energy efficient, longer life, low-maintenance).
  • Elite: A lamp powered by LED ribbon technology. It can also be fitted to several different angles, but its low profile makes it a better fit for small spaces, like cabinets. They are also well suited for flat or sloped ceilings. Unlike the Classics, they come with their own choice of color, and they emit 67 lumens per foot.
  • Ultra: These lamps are almost exactly like the Elites, except they’re much brighter – at 240 lumens per foot, they are among the brightest lamps available on the market.

Phantom strip lights are available in several trim colors so that they can blend in with their surrounding area. Customers can choose from a flat white trim, flat black trim, a stainless steel color finish, brass, and many other options in between. They also come in several models for just about any mounting orientation, including a special trim designed for display applications with adjustable shelves.