Phantom LED Cove Lighting 2022

Phantom LED Cove Lighting adds ambiance to your home

Indirect Phantom LED cove lighting is like the ribbon on a carefully wrapped present.

It is the perfect accent piece to complement every element in a space and it is also beautiful. Phantom’s LED cove lighting solutions were specifically designed to produce this type of accent light. They are powerful and discreet, making them easy to hide.

Phantom’s LED cove lighting can be installed in residential settings. It will bring out subtle details in a room and make colors more vibrant. This creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Phantom’s LED cove lighting is also great for commercial applications. It gives off a professional, elegant look.

Phantom LED Cove Lighting

Phantom LED Cove Lighting

What exactly is Cove Lighting Anyway?

Hidden illumination that shines upwards is called LED cove lighting. This lighting design gives interior architecture and design dimension by adding accent lighting to otherwise inaccessible places. It blends general lighting with decorative lighting to give the entire room a feeling of completeness. Hidden illumination can highlight architectural features and entire ceilings.

This elegant dining room shows how cove lighting enhances the space. The LED cove lighting is a striking feature in this room, even among accent lights and wall sconces. It adds depth to the ceiling and makes it stand out from the rest.

Is cove lighting common?

In homes – Indirect Phantom LED Cove Lighting can add ambiance and dimension to dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, as well as home offices and libraries. There are other unique uses that you should consider. Color in cove lighting can add excitement to movie watching experiences in home theaters and media rooms. The LED cove lighting can add a new dimension to the space by illuminating architectural details that are often overlooked.

An LED cove light installed under cabinets at the toe kicks and on the undersides of stair steps can enhance both aesthetics and function, allowing for increased safety and way-finding abilities.

Businesses – Diode strip lighting is a great choice for offices, meeting rooms, and lobbies. Many office workers work under harsh fluorescent lighting that can make everything seem lifeless. This cold lighting can make it difficult to work productively. Phantom LED cove lighting diode lights are more welcoming and demonstrate that the company cares about how it looks. This is important for clients when they interact with you, so diode strips can also be a great fit in lobbies.

Many businesses choose to highlight their logos or artwork in the lobbies of their offices. This creates an attractive effect that can make a lasting impression. Backlighting can have a profound impact on the perception of a business in informal settings like restaurants.

Cove lighting for buildings

Phantom LED cove lighting linear strips are perfect for installing in new construction. Many public buildings, new homes, and office buildings have some form of cove or variance near the ceiling. Cove lighting can add an aesthetic element to a building and also serves a functional purpose. However, you must use a flexible source of cove lighting that can adapt to any environment.

You can also increase the value of new construction pricing by installing a cove light source that can controlled by the user and can be customized to fit any environment and radius bend. The phantom linear cove lighting strip is a flexible, low-profile light strip that can fit into building coves as little as 3 inches from the ceiling or wall.

Linear strips are a better choice than fluorescent light fixtures in narrow spaces, such as offices and homes under construction. These narrow coves can be a problem because fluorescent fixtures and transformers are easily visible and can distract from the light’s ambiance effect. A Phantom cove light can provide the same lighting quality without making it visible. It can be field-cut or notched to bend along any serpentine cove. This light is ideal for kitchen soffits and beam trusses.

Why LED is the Best Option for Cove Lighting?

You can also add value by choosing from different lamp types. Phantom LED cove lighting fixtures can be fitted with either incandescent, festoon or xenon lamps. The best choice in cove lighting is LED. Our LED festoon lighting technology is a must-have for any LEED certified project.

A lamp design that incorporates multiple bulb combinations has been created that can be attached to any cove light strip. These lamps have a high efficiency and rival the output of incandescent lamps. They also come close to xenon’s lumens. The lighting designer bidding on a project can choose from a variety of cove lighting accents, including warm and cool colors. They also have state-of the-art green technology. This mimics traditional technology at a fraction of the cost.

Phantom cove lights also offer energy savings, without compromising on lighting quality. They are far more appealing than fluorescent equivalents but still offer a competitive level of efficiency due to their low-voltage engineering design, fully dimmable lighting control mechanisms, and efficient energy consumption.

These fixtures can be manufactured using new 2800K LED festoons, which are a light source that is equivalent to xenon for color rendering. This will allow you to save even more money. Commercial applications are increasing in popularity. We see more hotels and restaurants choosing LED to reduce their energy consumption and protect themselves against a slow market.

Rope Lights vs. Phantom LED Cove Lighting

Because of their plastic construction, rope lights can be bent to provide light for small spaces in ceilings. Rope lights are great for decorative holiday lighting or short-term display lighting. They are a popular choice for event planners who want to light special occasions at all times of the year because they come in a variety of styles and bulbs.

Rope lights are used in a variety of residential settings. They can be used to add aesthetic and supplemental lighting to outdoor areas such as a gazebo or back porch. They can be used to provide safety lighting along handrails or steps. Some people also use them for decorative purposes such as decorating gutters and trellises.

Rope lights are easy to install and inexpensive, so builders often use them as accent decorations or cove lighting in spec houses. Rope lights are known for their flexibility, but they have some limitations. It can also fail to function if the rope is not properly bent. These lights can cause wall variations and uneven light distribution by highlighting tight coves. The plastic housing of “hot” bulbs such as incandescent and xenon will turn brown over time from ultraviolet light exposure.

Rope lights that are used in this way will last a very short time and eventually need to be replaced. These additional costs cancel out the savings that they usually deliver in the long-term. The rope lights are wired in series so that if one light goes out, the whole string will go out. Although a splice is possible to restore functionality to the rope, the quality of the light begins to decrease and the uniformity of it will be compromised. It is best to choose a longer-lasting Phantom LED cove lighting option.

Our Houston facility manufactures our cove lighting systems in-house. You can call Phantom at 800-863-1184 to learn more about our Phantom LED cove lighting systems or to request a quote online.