When LED energy saving festoon lamps were invented just a few years ago, they changed decorative lighting forever. Up until this time, it was always something of an expensive chore to light ceiling, cabinets, bookshelves, and special displays with incandescent and xenon lamps.

Any attempt to use cheaper lights like fluorescents in cove lighting yielded bright light but very little decorative ambience. It was always this tradeoff between quality and power savings.

Before LED festoon lamps, there was also another problem with heat. Incandescents produce a light that is very similar to that of the sun. They can also get very hot. The issue here is not so much one of fire hazard but rather overheating a room in general. The AC is going to kick in when the thermostat rises, and the cost of cooling the room down is going to compound on top of the cost it.


Linear lighting with 5-7 watt festoon lamps will overheat a room quickly. Just one watt of power emits 1 BTU in heat. Multiply that by 5 watts per lamp, and you can see how hot your room gets, and how much extra you have to pay to cool it down.

This all changed when LED festoons came on the scene. They made decorative lighting affordable. LEDs typically use 60% less electricity as incandescent lamps. However, heat was still an issue in spite of the power savings. While LED light bulbs did not produce heat, the printed circuit boards that power them do —even those with lamps of less than 5 watts of power.

However, things have changed again thanks to Phantom Lighting’s LED replacement festoon lamps. Each of these new lamps requires only .6 watt of power. This results in negligible heat output, which in turn offsets the cost of cooling a room. The savings curve is even greater, and the quality of the lighting is greater as well.

The new 6-emitter led lamp design emits plenty of light in a 120 degree pattern of distribution and a better blend of color temperature. Our lamps also emit 5 times the amount light as competing models. Phantom LEDs, you can have the same lumens output as incandescent and xenon without the additional costs.

Phantom LED cove lights are available in superb color temperatures of 3500K, cool white 5000K, and 2700K. They operate at a CRI of 80 and also have a 50,000 hour average lamp life. They can be retrofitted to linear strip lights made by almost any lighting manufacturer, and they can work on either 12V or 24V magnetic lighting transformers without any need to rewire your fixtures. This means you do not have to buy new strip lighting fixtures. You only need remove your original festoons and replace them with Phantom LED lamps to make the switch.

Phantom lights are ideal for under cabinet lighting, display cabinet lighting, and custom furniture lighting. They have also proven valuable in nautical lighting, aviation lighting, and under the adjustable shelf lighting applications.

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